Bella is attracted to Edward purely because of his physical beauty. He is HAWT and sparkly, so the fact that they have almost nothing in the way of meaningful conversation or understanding of each other is of no concern to her. In Twilight alone, Edward's appearance is described literally hundreds of times. How many times does she describe his incredible intellect? His sense of humour? His interests and opinions? Or is it all about TEH HAWT?

Treatment of Other Guys Edit

Another example is the first appearance of schoolmates Eric and Mike, both of whom were trying to be nice and helpful to Bella on her first day at the Forks high school. Rather than appreciate the fact that another student was offering to help her find her way around, she immediately rejects Eric's offer of help due simply to him being a normal, pimply-face teenager. A few minutes later, along comes Mike with the same offer. While she equates him to a dog in her mind (as the story is from her first person POV, we actually read her thinking of him in this derogatory manner), she accepts his offer because he is better looking than Eric, but still doesn't think much of him. Nevermind that both these guys were nice, polite, and helpful; she ignores everyone in favor of the ever glorious Edward, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Edward started off being cold, distant, and temperamental towards her.

New Moon Edit

  • In New Moon, Bella goes into a catatonic state for five months due to Edward leaving. While most fans would take this as being due to how deeply she feels for Edward, most rational thinkers see it as an actual mental problem, demonstrated by her constant suicide attempts and instances of schizophrenia.

    Everyone's reaction to Bella after she bitched out like that

    During this time, she uses her old friend Jacob Black multiple times in her foolish attempts to feed her adrenaline addiction by risking her life, because only under such circumstances can she hear her hallucinatory Edward. She also stupidly tries to put herself AND her non-special human puppet, Jessica, into a dangerous situation when she attempts to confront a group of guys who may or may not have been the ones to try and jump her in the first book. Jessica, being the smart one in the situation, tried to talk Bella out of it, but, ignoring the safety and well-being of herself and her friend, Bella goes ahead with it anyway, dragging Jessica along with her. Afterwards, she wondered why Jessica was so angry about being pulled into danger for no apparent reason.
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