Edward Elric vs

Edward Elric vs. Edward Cullen

Edward vs edward by xnitarax-d33nqm6


HAHAHAHAHA, no. As you can see people, this has been the debate of the century, the battle of the two Edwards, The Fullmetal Alchemist, the shortest man alive (don't say it in front of him, please) and living legend of the people, Edward Elric and the sparkly vampire wannabe, the one who ruined the image of male protagonists and vampires alike, Edward Cullen.

Y 3DDyK!n5 w0u1d w!n!!!1!!1!!!Edit

Here are some excuses twitards give

  • HE IS HAWTT!!!!11!!
  • HE H4S SUP3R STR3n6TH!!!!!!
  • HE R34D5 M!nd5!!!!
  • H3 Sp4rKl32!!11!!
  • H3 i5 T411!!!!!1!
  • H3 h4s h!s F4miLy 4nd Th3y'r3 hideous H4wt!!!1!!

Why the Full Metal Alchemist would winEdit

Even though ed is vertically challenged, Ed has a lot of things Eddykins cannot do:

  • Vast knowledge of Alchemy and Science, because with this, he can apply the following: Combat applications, Medical Applications, etc.
  • Can transmute anything and everything (excluding humans) without a transmutation circle
  • Martial Arts Skills
  • An automail arm and a leg (Comes in handy, A LOT)
  • Has the state of Amestris as his allies (and Col. Roy Mustang as his boss)
  • Master of strategies, including scamming (just ask Yoki)

With just his immense knowledge of science,our short, lil pipsqueak Ed can completely shut Edturd down because Science can explain how Meyerpires can simply never exist. Also, Edward Elric has faced Father, with his friends and family (the reason for that is because Father absorbed the Truth, who is basically God), while Edward Cullen struggled to defeat one Meyerpire (He needed his family though).

Face it girls, the subatomic shrimp will win against the sparkly gay fairy

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