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Definition of pedophile- (noun) An adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.

When Jacob turned into a Meyerwolf he became an adult. When the meyerwolf gene is activated that person carrying the gene develops into an adult. Seth is an enigma. In Eclipse he is described as looking 25 though he is only 16. This means Jacob is an adult. Renesmee is a new born child, and Jacob allegedly "falls in love" with her. Therefore, Jacob is an adult who is sexually attracted to a child. So he is a pedophile.

The purpose of imprinting is to ensure that couples with a high chance of producing werewolves reproduce. Therefore, the relationship is explicitly sexual. Jacob may well not engage in sexual acts with Demonspawn Renesmee until she appears to be above the legal age of consent. However, her physical age has nothing to do with her state of preparation for a sexual relationship. Emotional maturity is not a byproduct of physical age: it is dependent on experience. Renesmee will not be able to gain the necessary emotional maturity to make a personal decision about whether she wants a sexual relationship with Jacob by the time she appears eighteen, because she will only have lived seven years isolated from anyone other than the Cullens and the Quileute werewolves, both of whom will want her to marry Jacob. Chronologically and emotionally, she will still be a child when she and Jacob begin to engage in sexual acts. Yet again, it is hinted though that Jacob will engage in sexual activity with her once Cryptid Hybrid turns 7. Because she looks like an adult. However, it is more probable that Jacob will rip off her panties as soon as she gets her first period, as he has been suffering from a severe case of blue balls as is emotionally manipulative to go get what he wants regardless of what other people want. His idea of name calling (refering to Bella as "stubborn" for refusing to go out with him and deliberately trying to force himself onto her) will most likely escalate with Renesmee if he doesn't get what he wants.

Imprinting is not beautiful.

Imprinting is a purely biological infatuation for the purposes of reproduction. Imprinting cannot cause two people to share interests and hobbies where before they did not. It is not love; it is infatuation and obsession. Moreover, it is entirely involuntary. The male werewolves have no choice of who they imprint on and the females have no choice over who imprints on them. Therefore, imprinting is false and forced. If imprinting is not love, and not true, it stands to reason that it cannot be true love.

The concept is also rooted in one seriously anti-feminist idea. According to the text, imprinting-based relationships succeed because the man is infatuated with the female and she finds it "hard to resist that level of devotion". The woman invariably submits to the man because he obsesses over loves her: this implies that in Meyer's head, all women are insipid twits who want only to be adored and worshiped eternally by their partner, rather than to have a relationship with someone that they can have an interesting conversation with but who won't lick their shoes clean every morning.

Of the three cases of imprinting provided, two of these, Jacob x Renesmee and Quil x Claire, demonstrate that imprinting can be pedophilic, because Claire is two years old.
The last, Sam x Emily, demonstrates the more general flaws inherent in the idea.

Before Sam became a werewolf and imprinted on Emily, he was in a relationship with her cousin. When he dumped Leah and confessed his love to Emily, she told him to get stuffed or words to that effect. Fueled by rage and thwarted obsession, he snapped, phased into a werewolf and scarred her badly enough that 'mauled by a bear' was the only plausible excuse. Then, even though he proved to her that he could snap and kill her for one wrong comment, she was apparently so flattered by the devotion with which he tore off half her face that she fell in love with him and forgave him for scarring her for life. She now spends her life cooking and cleaning for him and his friends. Which is a typical mormon/1950's attitude to women that Meyer presents to her female audience of impressionable tweens.

Only in Twilight could a woman be praised for her maturity after interpreting a violent attack as flattering. In any logical series, Emily would stay with Sam because she is afraid that he will kill her if she leaves.

"But the imprinter can be a best friend or a brother!" Edit

No, he really can't. If they do, then the whole purpose of imprinting would be worthless. Imprinting is to pass on the "shapeshifter" gene to the offspring. With a brotherly relationship, you can't pass on the gene and therefore imprinting isn't about friendship. But of course Jacob and Quil attempt to try to form a brotherly relationship with the little girls that they imprinted on with the full intention of having a more romantic relationship with them later. There is a term for that: It's called child-grooming. 

Child grooming is the deliberate actions taken by an adult to form a trusting relationship with a child, with the intent of later having sexual contact. The act of grooming a child sexually may include activities that are legal in and of themselves, but later lead to sexual contact. Typically, this is done to gain the child's trust as well as the trust of those responsible for the child's well-being. 

Also, a child's relation to their parental figure is completely different than their relation to a sexual partner, and this applies throughout their entire life. In fact, a phenomenon known as the Westermarck Effect prevents a child from seeing anyone they spent the first few years of life with in a sexual light. However, a child's relation to their parents does help determine their sexual behavior later on. Suffice it to say that people in real life have had a parental or brotherly figure treat them sexually once they reach a certain age, and it has rarely ended well for them.

Still, the thought of banging your brother senseless, marrying him and having his kids? *shudder* That's scary shit. Don't ever do that.

Realistic Comparison(s) to ImprintingEdit

What if a fourteen-year-old girl who looked eighteen and was mature for her age started dating a thirty-year-old man? If Jacob and Renesmee's relationship is okay, so is this one.

Imprinting is "senseless"Edit

Even her idiocy says so.

Question 9: What is the significance of the imprinting on the two year old? Of it being a two year old, that's what I was wondering.

Stephenie: That is, that was something that, she's asking about Quil imprinting on Claire. That was something that just was an entertaining part of the story for me not so much significant, it was a good way to illustrate how senseless imprinting is. That it's not about seeing a girl that you're into, it's just beyond your control. So, that's, and it was a fun part of the story, it's a fun way to imagine how the process works.

SMeyer just revealed that she thinks pedophilles are fun. Wow. As if we needed any more proof that she's completely bat shit insane. So there. Imprinting is not a "bootiful" thing.

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