Why do we want to ruin your life?

Umm, we don't want to ruin your life. We simply don't like Twilight. That is by no means an attack on you personally. When we say the books are bad, we're not necessarily saying anyone who likes it has bad taste. It is possible to enjoy a book while realizing it has flaws. That's how I am with Harry Potter. I realize there are some questionable messages in the books, I realize the books are badly written at times, and yet, I love them anyway. When people point out problems with Harry Potter, I don't take it personally. I consider the problems, and if I think they're valid enough, I agree with them. Those problems don't stop me from reading the books, and participating in the fandom.

There are people who agree with everything on this site but still enjoy reading Twilight. Do you have to agree with us? Not really, just acknowledge that at least some of our points may have some merit. If you want to argue with us, head on over to the TwilightSucks.Com Forum.

Why are we so mean?

We try not to be, but we're not perfect. There is nothing inherently "mean" about not liking a book. We have a right to like or dislike whatever we please. First Amendment. Learn it.

If you're that chagrined, just run on over to your safe little Orwellian nightmare paradise. You are only hurting yourself by reading this wiki and/or In an analogy to make this easier to understand for your IQ of 60, it's like sticking your hand into a fire and keeping it there.


1.) No she didn't. She brags about how she spent three months writing them, before sending them in to be published. Her research amounted to a few, badly done Google searches.

2.) So what? Writers have to be able to take criticism. It is what helps them improve.

Why do we have to piss on something so beautiful as Twilight?

To this, I say, read the other pages of the FAQ section.

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