This is a recently discovered document delivered from Team Angelonius.

This is a technique used by Team Angelonius to attack Stephenie Meyer's lack of logic and common sense in writing her masturbation guidebooks.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton2

G.K. Chesterton disapproves of Twilight

G. K. ChestersonEdit

  1. SMeyer does not do any research prior, or during the time that she was writing her series.
  2. She does not use any common sense whenever she is writing anything. G.K. Chesterton uses his common sense everyday.
  3. Chesterton can take any form of criticism thrown at him and he can respond to it really well. SMeyer on the other hand, relies on her slave brother to check all the criticism. Can someone say "Stupid SMeyer"?
  4. Gilbery Keith Chesterton has given a lot of great contributions to literature, as well as the defense of common sense. SMeyer loves to destroy common sense to satisfy her lust for Wankerboy.
Hilaire Belloc Portrait

Hilarie Belloc is not amused by SMeyer

How about Belloc?Edit

  1. If anything, Belloc is funnier than Meyer.
  2. Belloc writes about reason, SMeyer writes about her self-insert with Wankerboy.

If Ray Bradbury were alive today, he probably would be okay with people burning Twilight

What about Ray Bradbury?Edit

  1. Ray Bradbury actually bothers making prototypes for his stories, instead of using stupid dreams as a basis for his stories.
  2. Ray Bradbury's characters are interesting and go through character development, unlike Meyer's Mary Sue.
  3. Even when his predictions are wrong, his books are still entertaining and have other notable, true themes in them. SMeyer's attempts at using themes and symbolism tend to go awry really quickly.
  4. Ray Bradbury has not once bastardized any fictional creature in his works, unlike SMeyer.
JK-Rowling-SUM 2348620b

Don't get me started with Stephen King and J.K. Rowling!Edit

Need we say more?

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