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"When Dawn Breaks, So Too, Shall You" is a comic book written and drawn by artist Emily K. It follows a clerk at a shelter for battered women as she deals with the toll a popular vampire book series has taken on popular culture and everyday life. Although names are changed and the story is fictitious, the comic is a parody of the craze surrounding the Twilight series written by Stephenie Meyer. The comic is currently unfinished, although a special preview edition has been printed and distributed in limited numbers. It will be completed in 2010.


The comic takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA about 10 years after the "Twilyte" craze exploded in popular culture. Girls who idolized the books and adored its version of "True Love" back then have now grown and must deal with the consequences of this upbringing. As a result, abusive relationships are rampant and battered women's shelters have popped up all over the city; their populations have ballooned.

Main character Emily K (a character that parodies the author) works at the shelter as a clerk and spends her days transcribing audio recordings of the most damaged girls as they go through sessions of psychotherapy with social worker Louise Parcelle. Intern and secretary Renezmee "Rennie" Carmichael, who bears the name of the child raised by the protagonists of the "Twilyte" series, is a senior in college majoring in social work. Other people at the shelter include aspiring writer Desondra "Dez" Mason, her boyfriend Amir, a new therapist named Dr. Dana Leona (who occassionally brings her 10-year-old daughter Bella), and several volunteers. Despite having a dedicated staff, however, the shelter is under-funded and crowded, and struggles to become more than just a "revolving door."

At first willfully ignorant of Twilyte's effects, Emily learns about its direct role in the lives of the abused women in the shelter. Through interviews and speeches, Twilyte author Stephanie Mayer is shown to be a powerful public figure in society, having gained fame and fortune 10 years earlier when her books first became wildly popular. After learning more about Twilyte and "SMayer" with the help of her colleagues, Emily develops a zeal for positively impacting society rather than begrudgingly going through the motions, and joins a budding underground feminist movement organized to oppose the effects of Twilyte. worlds collide when SMayer comes to Philadelphia to lead a rally of followers and the feminists protest.


  • Emily K, a clerk at Miriam's Shield Center for the Well-Being of Women (a shelter for abused women)
  • Renezmee "Rennie" Carmichael, 19-year old intern and secretary at the shelter who bears the name of the daughter of the fictional Twilyte protagonists
  • Desondra "Dez" Mason, an aspiring writer in her 20's who does all sorts of miscellaneous tasks at the shelter
  • Louise Parcelle, a social worker who leads psychotherapy sessions
  • Stephanie Mayer, author of the Twilyte series and now a public figure
  • Dr. Dana Leona, a new therapist who just started working at the shelter
  • Bella Leona, Dr. Leona's 10-year-old daughter, who is an avid reader - but not of Twilyte
  • Sarakaya Kumzin, Turkish-American woman who starts an underground feminist movement to oppose Twilyte's impact on women and on feminist thought

The "Twilyte" SeriesEdit

  • Twilyte
  • Blue Moon
  • Gibbous
  • Breaking Day


The comic is set in a dystopian future and is mainly a drama, but with dark comedic elements. The artwork is done completely in black and white. Spoken dialog is set in a comic book font, but with one exception: much of the dialog used in the therapy sessions of the abused women is taken directly from dialog spoken by the character Bella in the Twilight series. These words are set in a "Times" font to emphasize their literary origins. All dialog spoken by SMayer is taken almost verbatim from direct quotes and interviews given by Stephenie Meyer.


The comic is hosted at All published material can be viewed there, free of charge. A small number of free "special preview edition" copies of the comic in its current state have been printed and distributed in various areas. A Facebook Fan Page has also been set up.

Kickstarter Fund DriveEdit

A fund-raising campaign has been set up to run until July 31st. Rewards for specific donation amounts are being offered, such as cameo appearances in the comic and autographed posters. If the specified amount cannot be raised by the end of the drive, no funding will be awarded, per's policy.

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