In New Moon, when Edward leaves Bella, she goes on and on (and on (AND ON!)) about how she has "a hole in her heart" and how she can't live without him. Bella's world revolves around Edward. She can't survive the cruel bitter world without Eddiekins. She is clingy and weak, and since she's seen as "perfect" in the world of the story, she spreads the belief that women are meant to be weak, and therefore must fully rely on their boyfriends/husbands in order to maintain usefulness. This subliminal message is, of course, nonsense. Also, Aro and Cauis's wives are just backround characters that we don't get much information on because their husbands don't let them out much and when they do they don't fight(or do anything else).



Alice is portrayed as a stereotypical mall brat, and Esme is just a boring sparklepire housewife with no speshul power. Rosalie has some skill with cars but she's a bitch because she's blonde. Victoria seemed to be a pretty strong female character but she was a villain (are you getting all the subliminal messages?)


Love can be without the clingy stuff and the "I can't live without you" bullshit. Such dependance on the opposite sex, as demonstrated by Bella, implies weakness and uselessness on the part of the female character. This, sadly, makes up for the majority of the female characters in the series. Only a few female characters ever took a stand and at least tried to express inner strength, but they either failed or were used as villainesses(see above). For more information, see this page.

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