I hate to burst your bubble, but that's what Suella Bella and Deadwart Edward are.

The term "Mary Sue" is a reference to a character, usually found in bad fanfiction, who represents the author within the story. They are generally characterized by a lack of flaws, heavy emphasis on looks, whether exaggerating the character's beauty or downplaying it to the point where it becomes bragging, and the ability to miraculously get everything they could possibly want.

Bella has absolutely no character flaws, since clumsiness and excessive attractiveness don't count. Her clumsiness is romanticized by Edward and the Gang to make her seem cute, and it mysteriously disappears at her wedding, only to be permanently removed in her transformation, after which she is graceful, even for a vampire. A big point is made of how plain Meyer Bella is, but the words used to describe her imply beauty: "ivory skinned", "slender, but soft." If she's so average and regular, why do Mike, Eric, Tyler, Mr. Banner (*cough* Pedophile *cough*), Jacob, and Edward all want her? Plain girls don't attract six different guys; gorgeous girls, rich girls, and sluts attract a bunch of guys. While her name is Isabella, she insists on being called Bella. Now, "Bella" is the Spanish word for "gorgeous", so the only time when Meyer actually did research was when she was trying to find a speshul name for her speshul character. Oh, and Meyer would name her daughter "Bella" if she had one, which means several points on most Mary Sue litmus tests.

She is showered with attention, has a gorgeous boyfriend who is absolutely devoted to her, gets eternal youth, money, looks, and an "ideal" relationship (that is, it is ideal in the author's mind) without any work, and Meyer even breaks her own canon to give her avatar a baby, which is similarly perfect.

Stephenie Myer o O

And you thought we were lying...

It is not actually highly surprising that Bella is a Mary-Sue, since Meyer has clearly shown in other ways that she knows less about writing than most amateur writers. You also have to wonder what it says about Meyer that her self-insert is a whiny, angsty, mentally unstable teenager, who for all her supposed maturity, behaves like a four-year-old.


A Gary Stu is the male equivalent of a Mary Sue, and has many of the same characteristics, adjusted to create the perfect male rather than the ideal female. Edward's only supposed flaws are his overwhelming thirst for Bella, and his overwhelming love for her.

The first can't be counted as a flaw, since it is in the nature of Meyerpires to feel thirst for humans, and according to several vampires, Bella has especially deliciously smelling blood (yet another aspect that makes her "special" and therefore a Mary Sue). The second is also a non-flaw. Edward's incredible beauty is an overwhelming fixation for our narrator (by which we mean both Meyer and Bella) and three quarters of the book is spent indulging this obsession. His perfect match appears out of nowhere and falls in love with him despite the fact that the first time he saw her he treated her like trash, his abusive behavior is immediately forgiven, and not treated as a problem at all, he has all the money anyone could ever wish for, he is faster than most vampires, and with Bella, he gets the magical, perfect, non-canon child.

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