Volterra is a lovely city in Italy, that probably is home to thousands of completely normal Italian people and very few magical sparklepires. In Twilight it is the home of the Vampire royal family, the Volturi. They are apparently very careful to let no hint of vampiric activity occur in the actual city, but they do send out their pretty vampire lure to bring them large batches of tourists to eat. It is not known why people keep going to Italy when such large numbers of tourists apparently disappear in the area on a regular basis, or why the good people of Volterra have not noticed that tours often enter the building that houses the Volturi and almost never leave. People in Volterra, unlike the rest of us, still remember the truth about Meyerpires, to the extent that it is worth having two vampires swoop down and rip a third apart than to have the vampire in question be caught sparkling.

Some Interesting Facts about Volterra Edit

The Idiocy Of Volterra (In Twilight) Edit

Volterra is where the The Volturi Coven live which is about 20 to 30 meyerpires living together. They drink human blood which means they need humans to feed on.

Now this rises a few things about the people and place of Volterra:

1. No one notices that hordes of tourists go missing.Edit

Why is it no one can see tourists going towards a house and then never coming back out? Are these people blind? Can they not see lots and lots of tourists disappear about every week into a strange house, never to return again?

The hotels these people are staying at would notice guests leaving and never checking out/clearing their rooms of their stuff. It's like every human besides Smella is stupid.

2. The families of these touristsEdit

These tourists surely have families back home. Somehow, these family members haven't noticed their loved ones going on holiday and not returning from said holiday. In real life, after a couple of weeks of them not coming back, the police will get involved because the family will have called them to report a missing person.

There is no way even by SMeyer logic that none of these people have family members. Co-workers would start to notice because they're not coming back to work again, and friends would start to worry because they haven't seen their mates when they're supposed to get back from a holiday.

3. The PoliceEdit

How come no one is reporting missing persons so the police will investigate? Do the police just not care at all about the citizens that live there?

4. Overall StupidityEdit

Sparkles+man = vampire. Would they honestly believe a man that sparkles is a vampire? Marcus of the Volturi is put as the savior of the town because that's where all the myth about garlic and stakes came from. Don't ask; it's what Smeyer said about her Meyerpires. Remember, it's her failogic showing again.


Sparkle + Man = Vampire

So we get a list which goes:

  • Sparkle + man = vampire
  • Tourists go missing, don't report it to the police
  • Believe a sparklepixy saved your town and celebrate him with his own St. Marcus day (Yeah, that's not fake. Smeyer actually said that herself.)
  • Sparkly woman comes up to you with a offer of going into the house where tourists go in and never come back out, you take that offer.

There you go; that's about all you need to be a citizen of Volterra

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