There are two relevant arguments here.

The First Argument Edit

Because that's all there is. You can't read through one page without noticing a misused word, ridiculous sentence, or grammar mistake.  We are not looking for bad things, they come at us like a giant neon billboard. In fact, many of us started reading the books because we heard good things about them, so we started out with a positive attitude. We were expecting to like them, not hate them. We were not looking for the graphic birth scene; it was written and we didn't like it. Analyzing books is part of the reading process. We want to complete the reading process by analyzing the books, and in our analyzing we discovered the complete monstrosity of this shitfest series. You don't have to look through it with a telescope to see all the chagrin-inducing thesaurus abuse, grammatical errors and logic errors that Smeyer and her Twitard minions somehow can't see.

Strangely, this is an excuse argument we've heard from the terrible great SMeyer herself, in this interview:

So I think that people sometimes will go out looking for the negative when really if they gave 
them [her characters] the  right intentions, I think they are understanding characters better. 
But it [criticism] is hard to read.

So there's Meyer, blaming her readers for her shitty writing and character development because they won't ignore that it's there. Of course, this is something you should expect from a hack writer that can't write decently because her "inspiration" came from a wet dream . Maybe her writing would improve if she actually took note of those "mean" people who spout that "hard to read" criticism about her books. But no, all she does is whine about it. Oh well, I guess we should listen to her and just ignore all the horrible flaws in her characters, NOT. An author who cannot accept or even acknowledge any form of criticism and improve herself is just a hack who doesn't take writing seriously.

The Second Argument Edit

Of course we're looking for the bad things. But even if we weren't, we would still find them. Tell us why that is, and maybe we'll stop. Hahahahahaha! Just kidding! No chance in hell we're gonna stop! Because as long as there are small flaws in a bigger, badder flaw, we will not rest until the world has been purged of this terrible, terrible flaw.  

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