No, we're not. You're under-thinking them. That is, if you can under-think something that doesn't already have much to it, which, in itself, is an achievement.

Fan InsanityEdit

At conventions, interviews, anything to do with Twilight, fans can be seen screaming that they love Edward Cullen or Jacob Black, loudly and repeatedly.


To whom, may I ask, are they talking to? A fictional character? A dream? A hallucination? The poor actors are stalked, harassed, and preyed upon by insane females asshats fans. Girls have cut their necks and asked Robert Pattinson to suck their blood. A woman in her forties once asked Taylor Lautner to sign her undies. IN HER FORTIES!!!!!! If that isn't overthinking the books, I don't know what is. Some girls have even fainted dead away when the male actors come anywhere close to them. This is probably embarrassing to the poor guys, but does anyone care about their feelings? No. All these girls and women care about is ZOMG!!! EDWARD CULLEN!!!

So who are the ones overthinking them again?

The AntisEdit

Antis, on the other hand, intelligently read the books and hated them for the lack of character development, plot, and just about everything else besides overtly detailed descriptions of Edward and the words "chagrin ", "glower", and "murmur" . The reason for our anti-hood is self-evident. We just can't figure out why this terrible book is so popular (one more of the mysteries of life). It is a good thing that they are getting girls to read where they didn't before, but to be so obsessed is, quite honestly, disturbing. Also, the books have no flavor or morals, therefore there is nothing more to it but words on paper and masturbation fodder.

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