Twu Luv is what Bella and Edward are in. (Also known as 'Twu Wuv'.)

For it to be Twu Luv, the guy must:

  • Be super hawt, preferably a Meyerpire
  • Watch you sleep (and that's OK, because he's so Adonis-like and he totally loves you)
  • Do things such as take the engine out of your car and make his sister kidnap you so you won't see your friends or not allow you to ride motorcycles or make your own choices (it's totally for your own safety)
  • Sparkle in the sun, or at least wear glitter

The girl must:

  • Be a speshul snowflake, usually a total bitch
  • Have really good-smelling blood
  • Be perfect, but if not a Meyerpire, just be pretty enough to have everyone like her when they first meet her, OR
  • Be a Meyerpire who has a mind power, and no matter how many times you try to unleash your power on her, be unaffected

Twu Luv is always what's on the outside, and not on the inside. (Unless it's freesia scented blood.)

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Imprinting is another example of Twu Luv. Of course, if you take this all completely seriously, you need psychological help (or an ugly stick to the face).

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