Twitards are like weaker, more annoying versions of zombies with worse grammar, so we will advise you to attack Twitards in the same way you attack zombies... with a bit of a twist.

What should I bring?Edit

If you or a relative in your house owns a gun, take that with you. If you have no gun in your house, simply take anything that can be used as a melee weapon. If you're one of those lucky people who are in a military camp or reserve at the time, grab as many guns and supplies, and possibly body armor as you can carry. Flamethrowers and grenades suggested.

Symptoms of turning into a zombie TwitardEdit

  1. You start to say that Twilight has a deep plot
  2. You begin to agree with the zombies
  3. You have uncontrollable mental spasms having to do with one of the characters in twilight.

If you experience these symptoms, run far away from your fellow surviviors or seek a psychologist during the twitard occupation. Mostly an Anti.

Guide to the Twitard's mindsetEdit

Twitard beleive that Edward or Jacob is YUMMM!Ilicious. If they're not fingering off about Edward, trying to persuade neutral minds or guzzling over Edward with their kin, then god knows what they are doing.

Some twitards have been known to masturbate to pictures of other twilight characters as well. These types of twitards are no different from other twitards.

Twitards believe that by killing all antis, they can go to a paradise hell filled with the other shitty Twilight characters.

What should I do?Edit

Keep yourself in a safe area possibly on high ground. Barricade the door until you exit, then barricade the door when you come back in. There are also some other choices, such as helping survivors of the Twitard apocolypse or killing off some twitards. Some may have glasses or hearing aids.


This gun will do nicely (it's Mami Tomoe's from Puella Magi Madoka Magica by the way). And it sparkles!

For glasses, remove the glasses, step on them and then shoot/hit the Twitard in the eyes. Hearing aids, you should pin them, amplify the sound to as high as you can and screech like a girl as loud you can in their ear. If their ears don't bleed, something is wrong.

Also use tater tots to hurl at twitards,force tater tots down their throats to suffocate them.

If a friend doesn't survive..Edit

Mourn his death in a safe area, and build something like a ceremonial grave in their honor. Because they must have been brave to face an apocalypse like this.. after the apocalypse, build a grave in their honor and visit every day.

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