Twilogic is Logic's stalker.

The spawning of TwilogicEdit

When Twilight was just created, the disease (known as the "Twisease") spread into the air off of the book. The light that radiated off of Logic and Common Sense confused the airborne Twisease, making it think Twilight was totally correct and that everything made sense in the book, and that there were no plot holes. And Twilogic was spawned

Twilogic is so STUPID


How to Catch TwilogicEdit

Once someone becomes a Twilight fan, the Logic and Common Sense in their brain is replaced with Twilogic, which covers all the books and DVDs. Twilogic will start to infect the Logic in your brain if you do any of the following things:

  • Writing/Reading too many Twilight fanfictions that have the same grammar and style as Twilight itself
  • Reading Twilight
  • Talking to Twitards for extended periods of time

How to Tell if You're Starting to Believe TwilogicEdit

  • You feel an urge to put sparkles all over yourself (unless you already did that before, in which case ignore that symptom)
  • You start to think Bella has the personality SMeyer meant for her to have

If You Start to Believe TwilogicEdit

If you find yourself starting to believe Twilogic, hit yourself over the head with a heavy object. Repeatedly.

How to Prevent TwilogicEdit

See these pages to help protect yourself:

  • Bella (so you won't think she's smart or perfect or anything else SMeyer thinks she is)
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