There have been lot's of report's of attacks (or killings) by twilight fan


So far known, only little animals have been killed Like Mopsy, or Pudding, much bigger animals may have been killed

though it might be not true


Just like pets it probably not true, must it's more common:

1: person got burned by acid for not liking twilight (possibly not true)

2: person getting hit by a flare gun (possibly not true)

3: person almost getting stabbed (possibly not true)


4: person getting cut with scissors by a twihard, and person sues (its been confirmed true, and the person won the case)

5: person getting scratched by a twihard (true)

6: Person failed in Math "coincidentally" right after obssesive twihard teacher found out person didn't like twilight. (true)

7: Person was beaten to death by drunk twihard spouse (possibly not true)

8: Known Greek singer attacked by twihard with bottles during a concert because she had publicly mentioned that she thought twilight was sexist. (true)

(you may add the list)


Its most common that twihards insult people with generic insults

"You're just jealous"

"well you're fat and can't find a boyfriend (or "you can't be like Edward and no one will like you) like edward

"All twilight haters are all boy's (saying that you are or there are girl haters will either make them angry or be suprised)"

"Twilight haters attack to!" (they might but not as much as twilight fans)


Heres a list of trolls (so far that i know):

1.Crossroad (twilight

2: moonlight9283 (black pawn movement, possibly twilight

Anti-Anti twilightEdit

the two above

2.anyone insulting anti-twilighters with the user name "edward" "twilight" or "smyer"

3. Most teenage girls (and about 10 boys)

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