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People who support Twilight.

Defense of the Twilight SeriesEdit

Defense of the series by its fans (against those who don't like it) generally take various forms:

Capslock FuryEdit

Generally consists of something along the lines of:

"TWILIGHT IS AMAZING B/C- 1 Edwards hot lol 2 they are vegetarian vampires 3 Stephenie Meyers is a genius!!!!!! 4 the writing is great 5 Jasper is hot 6 Emmett is hot 7 They have cool powers lol 8 It is a good example for girls 9 It is interesting and a classic 10 IT IS AMAZING 11 Carlisle is hott"

Note the general lack of actual content in the argument; the biggest points are that the characters are attractive, that the author is a genius (clearly disproved by an unbiased IQ test) and that the book is amazing in some way.

Physical ViolenceEdit

Likely to overlap with the aforementioned Capslock Fury type of defense. Many Twilight fans have taken physical action against people who have expressed distaste for the book, causing serious, and sometimes fatal injuries. In order to prevent being a victim of one of these delusional fans, always keep a flame-thrower in handy. For more advanced forms of defence, see Types of Twilight fans .

Reasonable Defense of the SeriesEdit

This technique is used by more of the Twilight fan community than most antis think (but still far from all of them). It includes reasonable, thoughtful arguments with correct capitalization, spelling, grammar, and no chatspeak. Fans who use this technique should be applauded very loudly and given cookies. The users of this type of defense tend to be more reasonable people, with a sense of humor about the books, and are very welcome (albeit rare) members of the TwilightSucks.Com Forum. These fans are actual people, who actually read other books, and may agree with antis on some points regarding Twilight.


In the years since the final Twilight movie hit theaters, there has been a significant decline of the Twilight fandom. There are several factors leading to this decline:

  1. The introduction of better young adult themed movies in the genre, like To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.
  2. The introduction of more toxic fandoms that took the Twitards place, and borrowed the mannerisms of the Twitards, like the current Star Wars fandom.
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