The opposite of The Free Web-Based Orwellian Nightmare. It is a place for antis to congregate, and even sane fans are allowed to post without The Internet Gestapo lynching them and tearing apart the remains like a pack of wolves. Also, logic and maturity run amok in this site, since they have nowhere else to go since everyone else thinks it's anathema.

Generally, TSdC members are good company. Except the trolls. Ban the trolls.

Twilighters at TSdCEdit

Actual fans of the series who wish to express their opposing views with thought-out, legitimate support are allowed (even encouraged) to discuss the series with antis. There are Twilighter members of the forum who share a sense of humor, and/or disagree respectfully and thoughtfully with others. Twilighters should feel free to join as long as they can defend the books using actual evidence, rather than presenting a list of how awesome and attractive various characters and aspects of the series are.

Spelling, Grammar, LogicEdit

We can haz it here. (When we are not imitating lolcats.) Most members post using full capitalization of proper nouns, first letters of sentences, etc., and at least do not post in chatspeak other than in imitations of those who do. Chatspeak, as well as lazy or nonexistent capitalization, punctuation and spelling, are generally very discouraged. Those who type to the best of their ability (and know not to "tipe to the best of there ability") are more respected, and usually have more posts.


An example of Chazpeak

People with the best grammar and the most level heads are usually the moderators.

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