Makes you want to take a Kamehamaha to the head doesn't it?

Unfortunately so. After previously ruining the images of vampires and teen books, Twilight has gone on to do the same to Korean comics as well. Though after some research people found that the so-called "manwha" were merely manwha-like pictures in the Korean books so people went back to their daily lives. However, they were wrong.


Snow Ryuk

Alice, as she will appears in the manga

Note the fact that it will be a manwha which is completely different than anime. Secondly, it is being written by Korean artist Young Kim, which makes it manhwa, which is the Korean equivalent of manga.

Thirdly, it's probably going to be the only non good manwha ever written, and will turn millions of Twilighters into Weeaboos.

Responses and Notes (by Frozen Apples) Edit

(You can delete this if you wanna- Note: Not all of Korea is like this. I'm a Korean member of Frozen Apples. I'm sorry and apologize in advance. Sure, I have a retarded kid who's a stupid Twitard- and I'm not saying that because he's a Twitard. He actually is kinda stupid. But well... he's just an exception.)

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