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This demotivational has a good point.

TwiMom- Even more disturbing than the Twihards. Are a group of overly obsessed fans of the overrated 'Twilight' book series, who are married, have children or are over 25 (you need to have children or be over 25 to even join their forum). They usually spend all their time gushing over Twilight, when they should be, you know, taking care of their kids, ie. - forgetting to feed them, or working, ie. -not going to their job because of a Twilight convention.

Despite the fact that they are all out of the noted age range for this series and should honestly KNOW better to be drawn into a book that is primarily detailing the physical appearance of a single guy over all else, they will gush over the books and fantasize about Edward in ways that make the teenage Twihards look normal (if you write OMG in a post on their forum, it becomes OME when posted). It is honestly hard to say whether the Twihards dragged their moms into the series, or the other way around. It is evident, however, that much like Meyer, these women are apparently finding their own personal relationships lacking to become so dependent on this series.

Their founder, is the incumbent Twimom herself, Stephenie Meyer.

They also made an appearance on the Today show by some freaking accident where the mother ship landed right in Rockefeller center once and were praised. Oh morning news, I have lost faith in you!!!!

What They Do In ThereEdit

TwiMoms are blinded by their wuv for this HAWT 107 year old vampire that is physically seventeen. They're so, so blinded by it, they're willing to damp down their taste in good literature for it, as evidenced when 'Eddiebell (re: SMeyer's god) decides that HE IS RIGHT ABOUT WUTHERING HEIGHTS SUCKING. The Twimoms crowd around and agree devotedly that it pales in comparison to Twilight. Those that have read and enjoyed it apologize for it, and the Zombius Smeyerius virus continues its transmission.


Be warned: Once they band together, Twimoms are quite defensive of the series and particularly of the author (think religious fundamentalist groups or dangerous cults), who they see as a sort of role model for their own lives. While most younger Twilight fans will follow the trend and move on to the next big thing that comes along, Twimoms are more likely to continue their devotion to this series for some time to come, which means that their poor neglected childrens' lives will unfortunately go straight to hell in a handbasket.

TwiMoms attempt to defend their passion by saying that "LOLZ, OLD LADIES NEED ENTERTAINMENT TOO." They completely miss the point that Twilight sucks whether you're five or fifty.

The now-dead TwiMoms Forums, like the Lexicon was doubleplusgood place. Crimethink, facecrime and crimespeak were all removed fullwise by thoughtpolice.

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