There are a ton of things, even shitty ones that you can say are better than Twilight. However, here's a list of things that may be just as bad as, or even worse than Twilight.

  1. Battlefield Earth (The absolutely WORST MOVIE EVER!)
  2. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (The absolutely WORST VIDEO GAME EVER!)
  3. The House of the Dead (The movie, not the game)
  4. Anything by Uwe Boll, really.

    The average human's reaction to Twilight

  5. Fifty Shades of Grey (unsurprisingly since it started out as a Twisuck fanfic by an obsessed Twimom)
  6. The Human Centipede series (Bloody disgusting horror movies)
  7. The Host by Stephenie Meyer (obviously)
  8. Rabid Twihards (a rarity nowadays)
  9. Resurgent Twitards (the fans that strike back after years of hiding)
  10. Anything made by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (lame attempts at parody; even “Vampires Suck” is only marginally better than Twilight)
  11. Dolores Jane Umbridge (she’s a villain that J.K. Rowling REALLY wants you to despise! At least Bella didn’t torture other people for her own pleasure)
  12. Jace Wayland (from The Mortal Instruments; he's barely just better than Edward Cullen)
  13. Divergent (the following 2 movies, not the books; the last movie caused a shift in YA film adaptations)
  14. Red Riding Hood (the movie, not the fairy tale)
  15. Vampire Academy (the movie, not the book)
  16. The Monster High novels with Melody Carver
  17. Boku no Pico (underage boy; about as creepy as Edward x Bella)
  18. Teen Titans GO! (Except maybe when they went to the movies)
  19. The Emoji Movie (a notoriously bad animated movie)
  20. Foodfight! (At least The Emoji Movie had better animation than this)
  21. Sonichu (WORST COMIC BOOK EVER!)
  22. The author of the aforementioned Sonichu, the notoriously infamous Christian Weston Chandler, aka Chris-Chan, isn't really all that great, either; he and Stephenie Meyer share many of the same flaws in writing.
  23. The so-called “reviews” of the Star Wars Prequel trilogy by RedLetterMedia. The dirty, fat, racist, sexist manchild behind those reviews is similar to, and Star Wars’ answer to, the aforementioned Chris-Chan!
  24. Star Wars hatedoms of any kind. From threatening the series creator to saying that all women are bad people, these incredibly toxic hatedoms have become the very thing geek culture has sworn to destroy: this generation’s equivalent to Twitards!
  25. Disturbing animated videos featuring Elsa and other beloved children’s characters
  26. The Kardashians (Worse “role models” than Bella Swan!)
  27. Jake Paul and Logan Paul (YouTubers who make terrible music, disturb neighborhoods and upload dead bodies. Basically this generation’s answer to Justin Bieber, only far worse. At least Bieber never uploaded a dead body)
  28. Jeffy from SuperMarioLogan (A foul-mouthed puppet whose behavior is definitely NOT suitable for kids! And yet, he is worshipped by his fans, who happen to be kids!)
  29. The Action 52 NES cartridge. (Except for Cheetahmen II’s soundtrack)
  30. Nearly every game published by LJN.
  31. Ride to Hell: Retribution
  32. Any Star Wars game published by Electronic Arts (Except Jedi Fallen Order, which (surprisingly) has no microtransactions. At least Twilight doesn't force you to buy micro-transactions, loot boxes and surprise mechanics!)
  33. Now that it’s mentioned, Twilight published by EA would be infinitely worse than it currently is. The books and movies would be jam-packed with micro-transactions, loot boxes and surprise mechanics EVERYWHERE!! (Pay $100 to unlock Edward and/or Bella?! Hell no, keep the money and prevent the series from going forward!)
  34. The Super Mario Bros. Movie
  35. Pokémon Sword and Shield’s hatedom. (Just because those versions won’t let you import all Pokémon from past games (which, in a way, has happened before) doesn't entitle you to harass the hard working staff! The hater dislike bombing streaks get poisonous. At least the Twilight fans have no (known) record of dislike bombing the Harry Potter trailers and reviews. That could change eventually)
  36. The 2019 Cats movie
  37. The Once-ler Fandom (Seriously, they took the phrase "Go fuck yourself" to a character in a classic Dr. Seuss book that was adapted into a 2012 Film of the same name, which is kinda mixed, but not as bad as Twilight. This was evident when they made porn of him, fucking himself, something Dr. Seuss would be pissed about).
  38. Norm of the North.
  39. Where the Dead Go To Die
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