"Bella is not a slut, a tease, a doormat, wimp, or a Mary Sue."
―Except she is all those things
"Edward is not a misogynist, a chauvinist pig, or a potential wife-beater."
―The above quotes come from the Lexicon’s “philosophy”. None of them are true

The Twilight Lexicon, a.k.a. "The Lex," is pretty much the belly of the beast that is Twilight fansites. It is a magnet for rabid fans who condone the ridiculous level of violence against Anti-Twilighters, and a place to squeal in unison to the Gary-Stu awesomeness that is Edtard Cullen and pedowolf Jacob Black. Stephenie Meyer is recognized as Big Sister and Seth is rather analogous to Thought Police. Think "Nazi Germany," "North Korea," "1984," and "Twilight Fans" put together. Yeah, it's that bad of a place.

Any criticism, no matter how constructive, is labeled as "doubleplusungood crimethink" by the site moderators minitrue, who "rectify fullwise" by removethink said crimethink and replacing it with groupthink, which is even worse goodthink and Twisoc.

Most sane people who have visited the Twilight Lexicon will warn you to stay away. If you must ignore them, then please, for your own safety, wear a Twazi-proof suit of armor


Twazi-proof suit of Armour

when you walk through that door. Be sure to bring as many weapons as possible too!

And don't say we didn't warn you.


A typical moderator, wearing a facemask. Facecrime doubleplus ungood

Doupleplusgoodthink summary provided fullwise by MinitrueEdit

Twilight Lexicon is doupleplusgood place. Twilovers gather fullwise to Twilight Lexicon. All crimethink minitrue removethink. Fans rectify fullwise Twilightseries. Antis rectified fullwise.

Twilighters obey BB. BB is miniluv. Posts are goodthink, and doublethink to BB. Ungoodthink deleted fullwise and crimethinker banned.

Personal CorrespondenceEdit

This part is actually pretty funny, although it doesn't try to be. SMeyer says some things that will make you go LOLWUT or WTH.

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