A wiki dedicated to the hack writer, where the twazi mods (or normal mods) instantly block us antis who try to speak the truth or adding lulzy content. Or just plain vandalising, but come on, thats FUN!

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You can ask the creator why she created that wiki

This is how we know

Lulzy Edits

Wonder how long it'll take them to notice this...

They found out about our trolling:


This wiki is not tolerant people [methinks you're missing a word there] who show their hatred towards Smeyer and Twilight by vandalising this wiki. That's against the rules of wikia, which YOU agreed upon when YOU joined. Not to meantion it's getting pretty annoying now, since all the funny troll edits have been done already. Seriously, leave this wiki alone if that's all you plan to do. And don't glamorize this wiki either! [What???] That's MUCH worse. Now, if you didn't go to the bestest website everor another great one, make yourself useful and edit this wiki from a neutral standpoint! �

Yes, that means you can't say Jacob Black is a pedophile (until he actually "does" Nessie)

Umm, please learn some basic grammar ("bestest"? Seriously?), and fyi being pro-Twilight is not being neutral.

NPOV? One thing to say:
Orly owl

NPOV? Pedowolf not pedo?

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