The Most Popular Book in the Whole World series by fellow anti Jessica Wagstrom. It is a parody of You-Know-What. It started on July of 2008.

Friggen' Gorgeous or Frig moved to Spatulas with a hobo Lou, which both in a castle made in cardboard. As a new student Frig meets students who find her attractive, friends whom she doesn't know their names, and becomes very popular. Until she was curious who was Xlromp an alien who plans to destroy Earth. Both Frig and Xlromp face many obstacles in the mist of their relationship.

The Second Book in the Series
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Characters Edit

Friggen' Gorgeous aka Frig. A parody of Bella Swan who ignores her friends, is careless of others' feelings, and feels awkward when it comes to human emotion and bonding. She is in love with Xlormp who is an alien.


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Frig hangs out with Christopher and her brother Hector. She wants to be a girl slave to Xlormp, which he disapproves of and he tries to reason with Frig that she is better off a human with brains than a girl slave to an alien with no brain at all. Instead of an actual car, because mentally-insane hobos in cardboard houses can't afford cars, Frig rides a wagon with plywood wings covered in fairy stickers powered by a wheelchair motor she was given from her hobo guardian. She calls it her "plywood fairy wagon" or The Wagon Of Destiny's Fate, or something like that.

Xlormp, a parody of Edward Cullen. Xlormp doesn't care about human beings. In the beginning of the series he isolates himself from his classmates. He and other aliens plan to destroy planet Earth. At first in his relationship with Frig, he denies that he is an alien and slaps Frig across her face a lot. As soon their relationship grows, Xlromp becomes very overprotective with Frig and does not let her go to her friend Christopher and Hector's home.

Christopher, a parody of Jacob Black. At the beginning, she started out to be a minor character but she got a bigger role in the Second Book in the Series and she professes her love to Frig, but Frig wants to be friends with Christopher rather than have a romantic relationship. She tries many times to win Frig's heart and save Frig's life from a bunch of Tallybonkers. She doesn't have a close relationship with her father but she does admire him for being an alien hunter.

Hector aka Hector 2.0. In the beginning, Hector tries to get Frig to date him but fails. In the Second Book in the Series, his father made Hector into a robot to destroy aliens along with other robots. He is still in love with Frig.

Funny Quotes Edit

"That didn't seem to be the answer she wanted. She threw her arms up in exasperation and cried, "He's so freaking slimy! I don't even know why you like him, anyway."

It occurred to me that this response might be the outpouring of some pent up rage, not just a reply to my decision.

"Christopher, I don't believe that you should knock it until you've tried it," I pointed out suggestively.

"Ew," the voice of Christopher's robot brother issued forth via the walkie-talkie.

Xlormp's voice boomed over the PA system of his ship, causing both me and Christopher to jump. "Frig, I have been reading this book on healthy relationships, it's called How to Not Have a Crappy Relationship, and according to it, I should probably let you go to Christopher's for dinner."

I glanced up through the cracks in the plywood ceiling to see the spaceship hovering. "Have you been listening in?" I raged demandingly.

"Um. No."

"You do realize you're exposing yourself to a whole street full of Earthlings right now, right?" Christopher shouted up at him.

He remained silent for several moments, then boomed, "We never had this conversation," and the spaceship zoomed out of view.

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