The Meadow serves as a SUPA IMPRTINT meadow, the setting of Meyer's initial wet dream about Twilight and a very elusive and completely magical ridiculous place. It is probably the most squeal-inducing Meadow EVA. Be warned, however: prolonged exposure may induce sparkling, and/or nausea. The meadow has ranked high in polls of symmetrical landscapes, consistently ranking among the top fifteen places worldwide.

In Twilight Edit

The Meadow sequence, or Chapter Thirteen, is the epitome of bullshit romance. With comparisons to lions and lambs (yayz 4 aniimals!!!1!!sparklez1), much discussion of mysterious supernatural stuff, and a lifetime's supply of sparkling vampires, the meadow is sure to touch your heart. Really. Edward decides to put on a show and starts breaking branches in an attempt to intimidate Bella, whizzing around the perfect meadow and stressing that he is dangerous.

Bella shares a series of heartfelt moments with him, gazing in awe at his marble chest.

It's perfectly incandescent!

We haters, of course, cannot comprehend such advanced forms of romance. Who are we to judge the subtleties of this masterpiece? This is the closest form that we humans can see to its true, even more beautiful one. Any sensible person weeps at such scenes of pulchritude! *sarcasm hand raised*

The meadow scene is not important in the slightest because it's proof that it is not true love

This is what should be playing in the background when reading this scene.

Unnamed (2)

The Meadow (in real life)

In New Moon Edit

Bella, despite warnings against it, goes hiking by herself and winds up in the meadow, noting its quality as the most symmetrical meadow in the world. She has come to see if she will hallucinate Edward's voice here, but unfortunately she is left alone. Someone give this girl a hug, or even better, a straitjacket.

About then, Laurent shows up and oh my goodness, Bella is in heaven because a vampire remembered her name! She conveniently forgets that he considers her a food source, and oh, he probably isn't too chipper about the whole James thing. Laurent proceeds to muse aloud about killing her, but hey, it's nothing personal. Victoria wanted something a bit more horrific, but he's just hungry (Kill her, Laurent). Bella is scared, but, luckily, substitute Edward is there in her head to reassure her.

But even the voices in her head are not enough to save her from this marble threat. Bella seems to be doomed, just about until the friendly neighborhood deus ex machina Meyerwolves show up, and Laurent scrams.

Bella decides she's had enough of the meadow for today, and goes home.

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