With the power of good writing, we shall destroy.

 The Anti-Cullen is an entity, or a collective of entities, that will rise up and destroy Cullenism and the Cullenites. It is only a matter of time.


The Anti-Cullen is thought to be a collective of Antis that will destroy Cullenism by mass trolling, logical debates, and actions that will deter anyone from ever making a silly cult like Cullenism. The Anti-Cullen's mark is the same with the mark of the many: 99. The Anti-Cullen will not create a religion to oppose Cullenism, but rather outright destroy it.


The Twilight Phenomenon reached its peak in 2008, the year when Cullenism supposedly was created. After a brief moment of unanimous Twilight fandom, a fallen Twihard realized the sheer stupidity of Twilight literature, the unrelenting pathetic sappiness of the movies, the unwavering stupidity of Twilight fanfics, and, lo, Behold -- by the power of hindsight, the first Anti-Cullen was born. He was given the name, M3AnP3AS4NTJ3LUZ!!!1111 by the Twizealots, but, by the rest, a sane, rational, moral person -- Sanramors. Soon, other fallen fans joined the cause, and, one became many.

 The ProphecyEdit

Andy Warhol once said that everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame...

The Anti-Cullenists Edit

  • Margay777
  • Pipikachu99
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