Tanya is a member of the Denali coven, with Kate, Irina, Eleazar, and Carmen. She is Russian and also a sexy succubi apparently. And another character to project Stephenie's hatred of blondes.

Midnight Sun actually contains a scene between her and Edward. Remember after that first day in Biology, Edward doesn't come back for a week? He was in Alaska hunting Sarah Palin some Bambis, and Tanya thought he came back because he wanted to be with her. He rebuffs her, quite coldly, in my opinion. Because she doesn't attempt suicide as a result, their love probably wasn't meant to be.

She had a crush on Edward wanted a one night stand with Edward, but he didn't return her feelings was threatened by her open minded sexuality that naturally comes from being a succubi. The only proper way to illustrate this is to hear it from Sparklypoo himself (Eclipse, Page 194):

He sighed. "Tanya expressed a little interest. I let her know, in a very courteous, gentlemanly fashion, that I did not return that interest. End of story."
I kept my voice as even as possible. "Tell me something - what does Tanya look like?"
"Just like the rest of us - white skin, gold eyes," he answered too quickly.
"And of course, extraordinarily beautiful."
I felt him shrug.
"I suppose, to human eyes," he said, indifferent. "You know what, though?"
"What?" My voice was petulant.
"He put his lips right to my ear; his cold breath tickled. "I prefer brunettes."

There you have it. Edward could never love Tanya because she's blonde. because love depends soley on looks, and she doesn't look right. CUZ BELLA IZ DA ONLY 1 4 HIM!!!! Also note how Edward edits out the conversation for what exactly happened because Bella is too pure(speshul) to hear of it. She is probably not whiney either. Add that to the fact that she has no blood to smell, that she is not a teenaged human, she doesn't sleep so Edward would have no one to stalk at night, and that she's probably a strong female character. You now have a slew of reasons as to why Edward would hate her.

Physical Appearance Edit

Tanya is described as a strawberry blond curly haired girl about 17 or 18. She is described as very beautiful and irresistible to men. However, although some perceive Stephenie Meyer's character in Tanya to be the same as Bella Swan's character: open to alternatives for people to see themselves as her. Being the only female in the entire series with both brains, and beauty, SMeyer decided to cut her out almost completely. There you have it. Stephenie is jealous of a fictional character she made up. Mary-Sue much?

She didn't have her every cell and tissue described by Bella, so obviously she's as unimportant as Mike and Eric and every.other human/person Bella dislikes.

Supposed original Succubus? Really? Edit

Tanya thinks of herself as the original succubus. That would make her a demon, not a Meyerpire (do some research SMeyer). This came about when Edward called her a succubus, to which she replied she was the original succubus. But if she WAS a succubus, she could have easily made Edward fall for her and leave Bella. Unless, of course, Edward is gay...

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