thats just so - ssooo- stupid. i mean if you love someone and that person dies - why the hell should you commit suicide? is it what that person wanted or would want? No. Will that person benefit from it? No. Will you benefit from it? No. Will ANYONE benefit from it? HELL NO! To be exact it will cause others (family, friends) the pain you are suffering. suicide because of a lost "love" (obsession) is just pure egoistic. Because I'M THAT SAAAD, and I can't live without you.... buhu. lets be whiny! And worse: blackmailing someone with saying "If you leave me i will kill myself" is the WORST you could do. that happened to me and its just so horrible to be forced to a relationship because you dont want to be the cause of a suicide. but at one point i just said "go kill yourself." because i was too annoyed of it. and what happened? of course nothing. his "twu luv" started centering on someone other because i was sooo heartless. good for me, bad for her (she actually dumped him too and he's still not dead). thats why i could just throw up when i hear that stupid babble about "i will kill myself because i cant live without you buhuuu". stupid idiot.Littlepanimausi 18:04, February 3, 2010 (UTC)

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