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The Elric Brothers said so....

Well actually, it isn't. Fullmetal Alchemist will always be better than that twitrash. As you can see, the main character of the masterpiece that Arakawa-san created, Edward Elric is being constantly compared to their and their beloved goddess' wet dreams, Eddykinz, and some even say that their precious marble Adonis can beat the FMA fans' favorite midget in a fight and is a much better boyfriend than the state alchemist whose a size of a mouse. Well they're wrong about it.

BAT Y DU U SEI SO?!!? Edit

Family Relationships Edit

Ed loves his family, even though he despises his father for abandoning him and his beloved family when he was a little kid. He also loves his mother so much to the point he transmutes his mother back with the help of his little brother, Alphonse, fails and gets his leg and his little brother's body as a result. He is shown to be caring and protective of his brother, as he binds his soul to a suit of armor and loses his arm just for the sake of his little brother. Edward Cullen, on the other hand, he sees his family as just decoration and the one who brings down his plans. Al has been always with ed from the very beginning to support his brother and achieve his goals of getting their bodies back and makes sure he stays out of trouble. He is not against the relationship between Ed and Winry. The Cullens, always arrive worse than too late in keeping Edward C. out of trouble and lets him squander off like an idiot. They also reject Bella from the behind and tries to eat her. Basically, every character, Except Shou Tucker, in FMA loves their family, even a villain, King Bradley/Wrath cares for his family, especially his wife, while the Twilight characters see their families just things that ruin your day.

Relationships with Lead Female Character Edit

Edward Elric has known Winry Rockbell for a very long time as children. They oftenly played together with Alphonse during their free time. Since the loss of their mothers, the Elric bros. stayed in the Rockbell household for a very long time and took care of them, even after they committed a taboo, which is human transmutation, they still accepted them as a family. Edward Elric also helped Winry grow as a person. He helped her cope up with the loss of her parents, stopped her from being a murderer, and so many things more. Edward on the other hand, sees Bella as a measly human to be subjected to his abuses. When Ed leaves Winry, she doesn't do suicidal things. Instead, she just does her job as an automail mechanic and whenever Ed breaks his automail, she fixes them (right after she beans him with a wrench). Bella, on the other hand, has a tendency to do suicidal things whenever her sparkling boyfriend isn't around.

Mentors Edit

Ed has a cool teacher, a housewife named Izumi Curtis, who mentors them alchemy and as well as the ways of life. They often get scolded due to their reckless behavior but it shows that she cares for her students. Edward Elric also repaid his teacher by saying that the thing she transmuted wasn't her stillborn son, but a horror that was created via human transmutation, which made her feel alive again. Mentoring in the Twilight-verse is horrible that even the parents, like Charlie, cannot even be strict in dealing with his daughter's attitude.

Villains. Edit

The villains of Full metal Alchemist are well presented. They actually fight the heroes of the series just to attain their goals. Father is a genius, calm and collected individual who executes his plan in the right time. The seven homunculi represent their sins: Sloth is a slow yet fast villain, Envy is a shape-shifting and the one responsible for the late Brigadier General Hughes' death, Lust doesn't just represent sexual lust, but also blood lust, Gluttony is the one who eats people out of his own interests, Greed seeks full control of Ling Yao's body, Selim Bradley/Pride is the most powerful homonculus in existence with an extremely arrogant personality and last, not definitely not the least, Fuhrer King Bradley/Wrath, an extremely wrathful yet easy-go-lucky leader of a nation with a jingoistic ideals and mindset. Their defeats have relations or mirrors with the titles they bear (e.g. Fuhrer Bradley/Wrath dies peacefully after battling Scar). Twilight villains are just joke characters and the only good villain Meyer created was Victoria, and the Volturi? They just sit there and do nothing but debate!

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