No. It isn't.

Why Rose Hathaway is better than Bella SwanEdit

  • Rose has flaws. She's hot-tempered, snarky, and sarcastic. Not only that but her flaws get her in serious trouble and even (spoiler alert) causes one of her friends to die. Bella, however, is perfect and speshul.
  • Rose kicks ass! She's been trained her whole life to fight evil immortal vampires, and kills many of them in awesome fashion. The closest Bella ever comes to ass kicking is... nothing. She's a woman, after all, and therefore weak and inferior. To big strong men! *rolls eyes*
  • Rose can acknoledge how hot she is, rather than downplaying it as "I'm so plain!" Not to mention that that's another character flaw-- she's kind of conceited. And, unlike Bella, Rose knows it.
  • Rose fights for what's right and would die for her friends and loved ones. Bella would only die if her sparkly BF left her.
  • Rose doesn't have any powers that are unusual to her race, other than her bond with Lissa, but that is explained well and interesting to read about. Bella however has a mind shield when she's human for no fucking reason, although this may be because she lacks a brain in the first place.
  • Rose isn't obsessed with Dimitri. In fact, when she thinks he's dead, she doesn't kill herself. She goes on with her life. Take THAT, Smeyer!
  • Rose isn't a self insert of her author. 'Nuff said.

Why the VA books pwn FaillightEdit

  • Vampire Academy has a PLOT.
  • VA vamps are always awesome, whether their good or evil, Moroi or Strigoi. All Meyerpires suck ass.
  • Moroi don't sparkle.
  • VA has good role models for girls.
  • The main couples (Rose and Dimitri, Adrien and Rose, Lissa and Christian) aren't abusive in the slightest. And you can bet that if Christian abused Lissa he would then get his ass handed to him by a pissed off Rose.
  • There are *gasp* BLOND GOOD GUYS! Who don't act like bitchy Barbie dolls!
  • The characters in VA matured over time. They didn't stay whiney and stupid like Bella and Ed-tard.
  • The Girl Love Between Two Girls in VA (Rose and Lissa) is infinitely more epic than BellaxAlice!

So there you go. Vampire Academy is yet another book series that pwns Twilight (not that those are hard to find).

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