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What Edward and Bella have is not love, it's lust . Bella only likes Edward for his looks and wealth, and Edward only likes Bella because her blood smells good and because he can't read her mind. What part of that doesn't scream shallow and superficial? If Edward were ugly, Bella wouldn't claim to be so in love with him.

In fact, 99.9999% of the books are Bella's glowing description of Edward's physical beauty. Only once, that's right, ONLY ONCE, in Waste of Paper Part 3 Eclipse does Bella talk about any other characteristics of Eddykins besides his HAWTNESS and even says that she wishes he was ugly and poor.

Right. Suuure. Mm-hmm. Whatever. *sarcasm hand raised* If that was true, the failures books would be only 134 pages long (all together, mind you), and poor Steph-face would have to look elsewhere for her main source of income.

If Edward could read Bella's mind, he would see that she's just as shallow as the next teenage girl and therefore, he would have no interest in Bella.


This is what Edward fantasizes about whenever he is with Bella


Now this is what bugs me. Bella is NOT selfless, in fact, she is the most selfish person I've ever laid eyes on. The real reason she keeps him around is because she enjoys the wetness of her pants that comes when she sees him. She only is with him to satisfy her overpowering lust. It's been said before that she would commit suicide if he left, which is because she can no longer get massive orgasms whenever he's near. I'd also like to point out that she only noticed him in the first place because of how hot he was. Sure, stopping a van with his bare hands would get someone to notice, but trust me, if he were ugly, she would avoid him like the plague. In fact, it's even mentioned that the reason she kept hellbaby alive was because she thought it would look like Edward.

It is to be noted that she never gave a half a crap about his interests, opinions, or even his personality, but I guess that makes sense considering that he doesn't have one.

SO WUT?!?!?!1 EDWARD STILL LUVS HER!!!!!!!11111Edit

No, no he does not. In Midnight Sun, he only stayed around her because of her blood, because, well... ya know, the best way to fight an addiction is to fuel it. In fact, he says "You are my heroin." And because he stalks her without her knowing (THAT isn't abusive at all!) and tries to get into a relationship with her, whether she liked it or not, many Antis speculated that he was hoping to obtain her trust so he could rape her which he probably did, because there is no other way to explain the Unconcious Bed-breaking Pillow-biting Sex of Doom. Another Anti speculation is that Bedward will not last many years because once Edward reads Bella's mind, he will realize what a pathetic brat she is.


"Stephie" is the same woman who claims her books are comparable to Shakespeare. Bella and Edward may, in fact, be the worst couple ever. Because, you see, Bedward dissected is THIS:

A relationship between a whiny Mary-Sue and an abusive Gary-Stu that is fueled on pathetic lust, which is passed off as love. Said Sue and Stu will commit suicide if they are not together for one second, even going to great lengths and using others. The two will get a happy ending together, even though they never deserved it, where they live an immortal life as the most pampered, shallow brats the world has ever seen, and the supposed "Best couple ever" is nothing but how fun it is to get in the other's pants.

So, Bella and Edward are not even a "good" couple, let alone the best.

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