Believe it or not, the entire "saga" (Provided you even want to call it that.) is just an entire load of Mormon beliefs and tenets.


There are black vampires too you dumb bitch

Lack of colored MeyerpiresEdit


There are no colored Meyerpires. All of them, regardless of ethnicity, become white after the transformation caused by the venom. This is backed by the Mormon belief that people with dark skin are born "imperfect" and are given white skin during entry to Heaven.. SMeyer shows us the same process, in earthly form, in the character of Maria, who was originally Mexican. The only colored vampire that retained some color was Laurent, who died anti-climatically. But you can't expect much from the "Saga" Anyway.

Sex before Marriage will kill you!Edit

Edtard refuses to give Bellatard her ever so hawt vampire sex because "he is too dangerous". He will give it to her once they marry. However, they had sex when Bella was still human. To quote one of Arzim's Rebuttalls on the TwilightSucks.Com forum, "His withholding of sex is supposedly an attempt to protect her, but it is negated by the fact that he’s more than willing to sleep with her once they’re married, even though she’ll still be a puny, fragile human. A human who would still be hurt, regardless of their marital status. " The only explanation left would be SMeyer's belief that one must marry before having sex. Now you Know.

Edward looks exactly like Joseph SmithEdit

As many of the characters are admitted by Meyer to have been inspired by her siblings (like Emily, who apparently gets battered by her husband), so the vegetarian vampires seem to be heavily inspired by not a few characters in the Mormon "pantheon". Carlisle is obviously "God", what with his fatherly demeanor, moral "superiority" and his transforming of Edward, who is the spitting image of Joseph Smith himself. Rosalie Hale, on her side, seems to be inspired by Emma Hale, Smith's first wife, who divorced her on account of her disproval of polygamy.


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