Sulpicia and Athenodora, usually referred to as 'the wives' because there's no point individualizing women in Meyer's sexist Twilight Saga Series, are the vampiric wives of Aro and Caius and that is the extent of their characterization because Meyer really stinks at writing and they also diffuse any suspicion of homosexuality anyone may have about Aro and Caius(yeah, right). Aro and Caius usually don't allow them to leave the house, not even during the immortal child kerfuffle. However, an exception was made for the boring thrilling anti-climax diplomatic discussion intense, nerve-wracking debate between the Volturi and the Cultists Cullens at the end of Breaking Spine Dawn - during which the wives stood at the back modestly wrapped up in burqas and protected by the Volturi guard, because women can't fight. Once again Meyer, a woman, shows sexism against women. Confused? So are we.

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