Stefan is a Romanian vampire, and, obviously, SM copied him from The Vampire Diaries.

     Anywho, Jacob describes him as looking, acting and sounding like Dracula.  And, how can he be like Dracula? Dracula was a monster, not an emo-sparkly teenager, who decides too tell his whole town he's a blood-sucking person,and then kill one during the night, thinking everyone doesn't suspect him for it.

History of Stefan Cel Mare- not a sparkly wannabe vamp.Edit

Ahem. I'm Romanian, and offended for SMeyer using Stefan as a wannabe, sparklypire.

Stefan, in the book, along with Vlad is said to be a vampire who wants to kill the Voulturi, because they are sooo cool and sooo better than them. Not.

Wikipedia says: "Stefan the third, also known as The Great/Big Stefan . Son of Bogdan the second, he was the Lord of Moldova between 1457 and 1504."

He wasn't fucking vampire. How dare SMeyer say that? It is so racist, just because Stefan comes from Romania, and it is said that someone (ahem, Vlad, ahem) is a vampire, doesn't mean he is. Stefan was a great Romanian leader who saved his country from death.

So, SMeyer, do your research for a change if you want to live out there in the world of literature.

In the book:Edit

Stefan, along with Vlad, came to help the Cullens FIGHT Voulturi, not speak with them. It was written that (WTH?) the Voulturi had a fight, Voulturi won, and God knows what happened next. Didn't SMeyer know that Stefan, along with Vlad, are D-E-A-D...They are actual people, that actually existed in Romanian history and she should respect that. But, in SMeyer's world, there is no respect for any culture that isn't Modern-Day American. Thank you SMeyer, for doing that. I appreciate it *sarcasm hand raised*

Coolness FactorEdit

Since he actually wanted to fight the Volturi... and since Bella doesn't like him, that gives him a much higher degree of coolness then some of the other vampires in the series.

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