"Good luck, comrade. May the Potters, and any other good literature(s) be with you."~ *Cutiepuhtootie on DeviantART.

"Wow, you have guts. Lol"~ ~PrincessZelda527 on DeviantART.

"I salute you. This is a dangerous task, my friend."~ *StitchXD on DeviantART.

"Good luck, soldier. Those who dare delve into the realm of Twitardedness rarely escape with their sanity still intact." ~Razor9350 on DeviantART

Songofhateanddeath, or Carol, is the brave soul on DeviantART dedicating her life for the Anti-Twilight-Only club. She created a journal for the club to know of her dangerous expidition into the Twitard universe. As a loyal anti for the Anti-Twilight-Only club, she has questioned the IQ of a Twilight fan, and how life between them works. On September 29th, 2010, she notified the group with her deep journey.

"My fellow friends and Twihaters, today I embark on my journey. I've made an account called imedwardsgurl, and am going to see how the Twihard's mind really works. I intend to join many Twilight groups and talk to Twihards as if I was one as well, all the while writing down my observations and posting them here and on other anti-twilight groups so that we all can chortle at their foolishness. It will most likely contain gushing on how "super hawt" Edward is, and even perhaps some fighting over who's better, Jacob or Edward, so I warn you in advance. Just remember my friends, any Pro-Twilight things that I say ARE A LIE. Do not let yourself think for one second that I mean any of the things I will post. That is all."

This amazingly courageous teenager ought to be honored for her dangerous venture, and may J.K. Rowling have mercy on her soul. Amen to you, Carol. Amen to you.

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