Since Stephenie Meyer is a fat lard, it's not surprising that many analogies and metaphors have to do with food.

If you find one please post it for the lulz.

"Here I am with my glorified fanfiction. Oh, a Twinkie? You shouldn't have, thank you!"


  • Edward's eyes are "buttery golden".
  • A boy at lunch has "honey blond" hair.
  • The Voltuuri's eyes are "burgundy" which may or may not be a reference to wine. Seeing as how SMeyer is a Mormon, it's probably the latter.
  • Bella's skin is "peach" according to Jacob.
  • Jacob's skin is "russet" (a kind of apple) (also a kind of potato, which equals french fries... hmm, quite likely.)
  • Quil has "chocolate brown" fur. (Side note: most ridiculous part in Eclipse was when even Sam compared Quil's fur to chocolate. "And your chocolate fur reflects what? How sweet you are?" Because people are actually that descriptive in everyday life... Dear God.)
  • Renesmee has "creamy" skin and "milk chocolate" eyes.
  • Edward stepped out into the "buttery sunlight".
  • Bella's eyes are "milk chocolate brown" according to herself Edward Alice Jacob EVERY FUCKING PERSON EVER IN THE DAMN BOOKS.
  • Jasper has "honey blond" hair, according to the illustrated guide.
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