Seth Morgan is Stephenie Meyer's brother, and now her career overlord manager slave. He is known for sheltering Meyer's precious ego from critical e-mails and reviews. He also runs updates her website due to his sister's coercion, and so she won't accidentally see critism before he can delete it.

In the organizational pyramid of the Meyer Combine, Seth occupies the "minitrue" slot, and he is forced into it.


Seth whenever anyone criticizes Meyer

Defender and Slave Edit

Seth also defends Stephenie Meyer not only from emails, but from the truth. And not just the hate mail. He also protects her from any criticism, as her poor, inflated, humongous ego can't take a well placed comment that burns her books. In reality, most of the emails that reach Stephenie Meyer's inbox look like this:

Dear Stephenie Meyer,,,,

I luv twilight!!!!!!! it is the best buk EVA! u should get a nObel prize!!!!!!!!


ur biggest fan 4ever

or, in cases of slightly better grammar, this:

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

I love Twilight! It's awesome, and is definitely the best book of this yearr! Please repsond, we all know you have a speciall gift for writing!!


A huge Twilight fan

or, god forbid, an EGO BOOSTER! (UGH!!)

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

You are the best author ever! You are better than Shakespeare and Jane Austen combined! Bella and Edward's love story is even better than Mr. Darcy's and Elizabeth Bennet's or Romeo and Juliet's! You're so modest, though. You haven't even tried out the Nobel Peace Prize. And your characters are so realistic. I'm actually in love with Eddiekinz!


Your Fav Fan

But back to the subject of shielding. Seth does shield her from opinions other than hers and the truth. He hates having to do this, but he is forced to let Stephenie hide behind him the minute people ask of the reason of the physical violence. According to research, Stephenie perhaps wants this personal army of hers to kill all Antis, and that's one thing we can't let happen. If it does, the remainder of the human race will go extinct due to the fact that all the remaining females are "looking 4 edward!!!!!!!!"

No, Really, Seth Morgan is a puppetEdit

According to this website, the following was an actual exchange between Seth and the leader of a petition of critical Twilight fans:


I completely understand that you are not the whipping boy for Stephenie Meyer, but she has given us no address to reach her directly, so sadly, I have few choices- and one of them was to send this to you.

My name is Heather Faust, and I have written a letter to Stephenie and to Little, Brown. As suggested by a number of others on message boards, I posted this letter as a "petition." Today we reached a thousand signatures. (It has only been live for a few days.) We will continue to leave it live and see how it grows.

I feel that it is well written and respectful, and I would hope that you would take a few minutes to read it. If it gets through to Stephenie, well, I'd be thrilled. We are not looking to hurt her, we aren't looking for her to rewrite it... We just want our opinions acknowledged, and we'd like to no longer be referred to as a "vocal minority." We'd also love it if she'd be able to answer our concerns with more than just "it's fiction," "I'm not a biology major" or other brush offs. We don't, of course expect that at all. But just a simple "Yes, I hear you, I'm sorry that you were disappointed" would be enough for us.

Anyway, sorry that you are in the middle of all of this. That must suck for you.

Thanks for your time


First, let me assure you that I will not forward this email to Stephenie. You say that you are not looking to hurt her, but it would be ignorant to believe that criticism of any kind does not hurt the person to whom it is directed. I didn't even forward any of the 35 emails that I received today telling me (or Stephenie) how much they loved Breaking Dawn, how the series changes their lives, etc. There are a few other reasons why I would not forward the link to this "petition." (By the way, you have heard that online petitions never generate results, right?). I disagree that it is "well written." Besides the grammar mistakes (which are not hard to overlook), you address the letter to Stephenie, but by the end of the first paragraph you refer to "Meyer" in the third person. I am not sure if you are speaking to her or not. Also, the "signatures" (which are completely invalid) are not just names, but a discussion board. I went to one page and found three people defending Breaking Dawn and saying things like "I am surrounded by self absorbed teenagers or adults that think they can write better books and never do!" And, although I got very bored and wasn't able to read the entire "petition," I want to try to answer a few of your main points (although I'm sure that Stephenie's answers would be a lot better than mine):

#1 and #2: At the end of Eclipse, Alice specifically says that nobody has ever made the conscious decision to become a vampire, and so none of them had any idea how Bella would handle the entire process. #

  1. 3 and #4 (and everything else in your : These books are fiction. They are filled with FICTIONAL characters that Stephenie made up all by herself. In an attempt to keep the books clean and not make young girls think about things that they don't need to think about, no other book mentioned anything about reproductive systems. They are Stephenie's characters, she can decide anything that she wants.

And finally, Heather, your letter is not respectful at all. It is libelous in many instances. I would be embarrassed to say such things about someone who I have never met.

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However, the popular idea that Seth is an asshole was unmasked when some antis have discovered that the site was hacked by Twihards and that Seth became the scapegoat for the ninth time. Poor Seth, he is really suffering from being a Meyer puppet.

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