Seth Clearwater
Species Meyerwolf
Wolf Color Light brown
Location La Push
Relationship Status Single
Flaws His age, appearantly guys can be too young to find Twu Wuv

The fact that he wears a shirt, rendering him not hot enough in the eyes of the fangirls

Father Harry Clearwater
Mother Sue Clearwater
Twu Luv None
Sister Leah Clearwater
Second cousin Emily Young

Seth Clearwater is Leah's little brother, and one of the werewolves. He is one of the least whiny characters in the series, but has the disadvantage that he sides with the Cullens when Sam wants to destroy them. Unfortunately for Jacob, Seth and Leah break away when the werewolves are no longer numerous enough to destroy the Cullens and save the literary world from The Spawn.

Seth apparently fursploded somewhere behind the scenes in Eclipse. He was the werewolf responsible for watching Bella's tent during the melodrama fight we never got to see in Eclipse. (Which doesn't really make a whole lot of sense when you think about it, because Edward was right there with her the whole time, and Jacob was there for a large portion of the time as well.) He is just about the only character in the series who gets to do anything remotely cool, when he literally shreds Riley to bits. He is perpetually cheerful and enjoys jabbering on and on until Jacob yells at him to shut up, especially in Epic Fail Part Four, when he leaves Sam's pack and joins Jacob's. Soon after, his sister joins the two, to keep an eye on him. She smart, so she doesn't trust the sparklepires any more than Jacob does.

Seth is also one of the only Meyerwolves to stay thin, lanky, and boyish, which in this case is extremely odd because most fangirls (I guess some twifags, too) see all the Meyerwolves as young, hawt, muscley, and un-pedoish (even though there is evidence that they are staring at them right in the face). He is probably named after Meyer's brother, Seth Morgan, but is much cooler and not a d-bag nicer than the real Seth.

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