Sam Uley was the first alpha of the Quileute wolves and is now the alpha of one half of them, with Jacob leading the other half. Other than this, he is
Sam uley

Sam Uley, just as shirtless as the rest.

most notable for his twisted relationship with Emily Young. In brief, he was in love with her cousin Leah, until he developed an obsession twu wuv with Emily in a process the werewolves call 'imprinting', because 'sick fixation' doesn't sound romantic enough. When Emily rejected him for callously abandoning her cousin, he snapped and almost tore off her entire face. This is presented as terribly abusive romantic - romantic enough that Emily was afraid of fell in love with him and betrayed her own cousin/sister-figure despite any family/friend loyalties they should have had for it, at least - and indicative of his deep obssessively abusive devotion.

Jacob later broke off of Sam's pack along with Seth and Leah. He did this because Sam wanted to kill Bella because she was pregnant with a half-

Angry wolf

Sam Uley, 0.3 seconds before he tears off your face. It's your fault for not loving him.

human half-vampire Demonspawn "baby" and he thought it could pose a threat to humanity. He also decided that they would have to kill the Culllens to get to her(Yay!). Unfortunately, because Jacob, Leah, and Seth left his pack he was unable to redeem himself for his abusive behavior by saving the world from impossibaby Renessme, Bella, and the Cullens(Damn it!).

Since Jacob's pack broke off from Sam's pack, the duo have been engaging in diplomatic discussion to enable them to co-exist peacefully. Since both Sam and Jacob are happy in their respective abusive relationships, and gay people do not exist in Meyer's head, this is probably not a euphemism for hot werewolf buttsex.

Antis are united in their desire for beetles to eat Sam's face.

Leah Clearwater and The Twisted Side of Emily YoungEdit

It's mentioned that Leah and Sam were in a loving relationship for around 3 years. By the end of high school, Sam decided he loved Leah enough to propose to her. The two were then engaged as Leah loved him back. Then jumps in the lovely Emily Young. Leah and Sam were happily in a relationship up until Sam phased and imprinted on Emily. Now according to her majesty the queen, smeyers, Emily was in love with Sam prior to the imprint. She wanted him prior to the imprint. And because the wolf must do whatever the imprint wants, Sam has to literally be her fiance/boyfriend because apparently Emily and smeyers don't believe in female friendships and familial ties. As one person said, "who cares about family and friendship when you have a soulmate, right?" 

To top it all off, it's confirmed in Breaking Dawn (the books) that Sam is still in love with Leah.....


So homeboi is still in love with his ex but can't go back to her because her cousin wants him all to herself. Explain to me how the actual fuck the guys aren't hating on Emily but instead belittling and bullying Leah? Because she dares to have feelings against her cousin actually stealing her boyfriend? Because a woman can't have any emotions against an "adorable couple" that is literally an illusion? Imprinting is literally taking a person's free will away. And you even see how sam sends Jared to Leah( in Breaking Dawn) and makes Jared tell Leah, " Sam told me to beg. He told me to literally get down on my knees if I have to. He wants you home, Lee-lee, where you belong.” (Breaking Dawn). That is an actual quote from the actual book. 

The entire premise around Sam revolves around Meyer's sexist and racist views against natives. Sam was brought up by an abusive father who ditched him at a young age. He then is forced to ditch his fiance for a girl who he barely knows and is forced to love her and do whatever she wants. Emily could literally tell him to kill Leah and he'd have to do it. Then you have Sam acting out in anger and basically mauling Emily to near death. Smeyers portrayed him as a raging, angry, and abusive prick. She tortured two native characters for the sake of this disgusting idea of imprinting. Let's not even discuss how she took an actual tribe's legends and twisted it for her own narrative. 

In the end, this is all bullshit. This is one of the few times where fanfiction is actually better than the original book(s). 

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