Rosalie Hale
If looks could kill..
Species Meyerpire
Sexual Orientation Mostly harmless straight
Location Forks, Washington
Speshul Powerz HOTNESS and "TENACITY" (So basically nothing), since TENACITY is found in people such as Nelson Mandela and everyone who stuck out the Dust Bowl.
Hobbies Rolling her eyes, being gorgeous, hating Bella, taking care of Renesmee when Edward is too busy, fixin' cars
Profession Amateur High School Student, professional jerk
Father Carlisle Cullen
Mother Esme Cullen
Twu Luv Emmett Cullen/The Grizzly Bear Destroyer
Sisters Bella Swan Cullen and Alice Cullen
Brothers Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale
Demon Spawn Child Renesmee Cullen (She is basically Rosalie's child by now)

“Admiration was like air to me, Bella. I was silly and shallow, but I was content.”

Rosalie Hale is a complete waste of a character. She actually had a decent amount of potential, but because Stephenie Meyer is who she is, all of that potential went down the drain. As a blonde, and the only Cullen who can see what a whiny Mary-Sue Bella is, Rosalie is the bitch of the family. Because of the fact she's blonde. (Blonde = Bitchy girls jealous of Bella's speshulness.)

WTF History!Edit

Rosalie grew up in Depression-era Rochester, New York, but was actually middle class, because we can't have the most beautiful woman in the world being poor, can we?

"My parents were thoroughly middle class. My father held a stable job in a bank... he saw his prosperity as a reward for his talent and hard work, rather than acknowledging the luck involved. I took it all for granted then; in my home, it was as if the Great Depression was only a troublesome rumor. Of course I saw the poor people, the ones who weren't as lucky. My father left me with the impression that they'd brought their troubles on themselves." -Rosalie, Eclipse page 154

The Great Depression was caused by bank failure. This is sort of fundamental knowledge. How the hell is a banker going to have any sort of "prosperity"? Hundreds and hundreds of banks closed, 9,000 had failed by 1932. Bankers shot themselves and jumped out of windows, with more frequency than the Madoff-induced suicides. Even if Mr. Hale could make a good living, why does he seem to have as little fear for his job as Bella has for her own well-being?

Meyer then goes on to confuse history even further:

"In Rochester, there was one royal family -- the Kings, ironically enough. Royce King owned the bank my father worked at, and nearly every other really profitable business in town." -Rosalie, Eclipse page 156
And there you have it: According to Stephenie Meyer, banks were profitable during the Great Depression. The only possible explanation is that 'bank' is a polite euphemism for 'organized crime ring'. She also seems to think that a wealthy family's having the surname "King" is ironic. Oh, Stephy. Were the King family poor and downtrodden, that would be ironic. Were they rich and called the Poores, that would be ironic. That they are rich and called Kings - that's just literal one-to-one correspondence. Don't worry, you do it well. We see what u did thar.

Not only would making Rosalie poor have been realistic, it also would have added some depth to her character: she would have wanted to give up her beautiful, perfect, rich vampire life to be a poor human.

The Prom DressEdit

"And Rosalie was... well, Rosalie. She was beyond belief. Her vivid scarlet dress was backless, tight to her calves where it flared 


Rosalie in her beautiful prom dress, in all her sexiness. Note the neckline that plunges to her waist!

into a wide ruffled train, with a neckline that plunged to her waist." Twilight, page 487

How did she even get into a high school junior prom wearing this? Because she's a prostitute because Meyer wouldn't know fashion or style if she had a professional to pick out her clothes for her. Note that the very same could be said for Alice Cullen, being falsely described as a fashionista while in reality.. you know the rest.

Rosalie and CarsEdit

Rosalie seems to know more about cars than any of the other Cullens (including the males), which is evidenced by Deadward and Alice's discussion and her fixing the car in Eclipse. She is the only female in the books to have an interest in cars, unless you're counting Alice's obsession with sports cars and grand theft auto. This was slightly less sexist on Stephenie Meyer's part, so Stephenie, have a gold sticker!

And she hates Bella! Edit

Or... she used to. She doesn't really like Bella, only her baby because she wanted a baby of her own SO BADLY.  Then Bella had a baby and suddenly everything is hunky-dory between them. Because nobody is allowed to have negative feelings for Bella in her perfect vampire life, Rosalie had to have a complete character change. "Yes, Bella. Even though my advice to you went in one ear and out the other, I will forgive you because you had a baby. Can I raise it while you fuck your perfect sparky husband?"

Though Bella doesn't acknowledge, it is plain that Bella is jealous of Rosalie's beauty. Rosalie being mean may just be a reaction to Bella stink eyeing staring. Bella cannot believe Edward rejected Rosalie, the most beautiful woman on planet. Fact is Edward rejected Rosalie because she would kill him if he stalked her and controlled her, just like she killed her rapist.

The Reason She was Vamped Edit

Apparently, Carlisle thought Edward was lonely and needed a wife, so he turned Rosalie into a vampire for the sole purpose of having Edward and Rosalie become mates. Edward was never even attracted to Rosalie, though.

In Eclipse it is revealed that Rosalie was a scarlet woman who wasn't ready to settle down and have a baby like her sweet homely friend did. As a natural consequence of her flooziesh ways, her rich fiance and his friends gang-raped her in the street (Without interference from anyone. That's some Kitty Genovese shit.). Because cops never never never check the streets of NYC, during the GREAT DEPRESSION! HELLO! THERE WAS AN OFFICER ON EVERY STREET DURING THAT TIME! However, this cop must have been on his coffee break (He had some donuts too, of course), because Royce got what he wanted, and they left her there to die. Carlisle stepped in to heroically save her life. When she was good and vamped out, she tracked them down and killed them all. We're sure this makes the rape trauma Totally All Better. That's right, her rape
Rosalie newborn

Rosalie being "a little theatrical" moments before killing her ex-fiancé.

adds no depth to her character at all. She is far more upset about not being able to have a baby then she was about being GANG-RAPED.

In short, Rosalie Lillian Hale is a Meyerpire, and a member of the "Olympic coven." She was changed by Carlisle after she was raped and left for dead by her fiance; Carlisle intended her to be a mate for Edward. Instead, she fell for Emmett, having Carlisle change him because he looked a bit like a toddler she used to know. She is the only one of the Cullens who initially dislikes Bella Sue, but in the end it turns out that she's just jealous because Bella can have babies and she can't. This is resolved in the last book, when Bella leaves Nessie off on Rosalie to raise so that she and Edward can go to their dream house and have more sex.

Description Edit

Rosalie is described as being the most beautiful person in the world. Other than that, her features are up to the reader's imagination, as it would not do to construct a complete, detailed character. We are told she is stubborn, vain, and likes fixing cars. Some antis consider this last trait to be evidence of depth, while others believe it was thrown in at the last minute to offset the perception that Meyer can't create strong female characters. She is also obsessed with babies, as evidenced by her stalwart defense of the Loch Ness Monster and willingness to become human again if it meant restored fertility.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rosalie has no specical power. The human trait that supposedly got enhanced in her transformation was her "tenacity", which sucks, but at least she didn't get stuck with Corin's power. Other than that, she can have housebreaking sex with Emmett for days, so yay!

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