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Richard Russell Riordan (born June 5, 1964) is the creator of the Percy Jackson series, and is better than SMeyer for the following reasons:

  1. He's a better writer.
  2. He's more successful.
  3. He is a human.
  4. He's neither Edward Cullen, nor did he write Percy Jackson as a shameless self-insert.
  5. He did write Percy Jackson as a role model for his dyslexic son with ADHD.
  6. He's far more creative and original than Meyer.
  7. He does research and thinks about plot and characters before writing.
  8. He encourages criticism for his work.
  9. He is against racismsexism, and homophobia.
  10. He also expands the world of Percy Jackson beyond the original books by making spinoffs (e.g. The Kane Chronicles ) and sequels. (e.g. Heroes of Olympus)
  11. He promotes other writers and their work via Rick Riordan Presents .
  12. He also does so on his official twitter account. (a very recent example here )


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