Renee is Bella's mother. She is described as mindless and scatterbrained, which serves both to demonstrate that females are helpless and pathetic, and allows Bella to show off how mature she is without actually doing anything mature in the whole series. She raised Bella on a

Renee's amazing wedding hair.

kindergarten teacher's salary. From how she's described, it's obvious that she'd be a wonderful teacher, don't you think? Nothing says "learning" like childish and flighty.

Bella condemns her mother for getting married right out of high school to have kids, then later does the same thing (the hypocrite!). Further, when she tells her mother about this, instead of freaking out like she would if Meyer had consistent realistic characters she tells Bella that seeing as how Bella is beyond perfect and could never do anything wrong(because she's a Mary Sue), she doesn't disapprove of the marriage at all. other than this her only role is to serve as bait in Twilight, which isn't much of a role seeing as how she's not actually there. Bella, however, is still stupid enough to be lured into the trap (surprise,surprise).

In her spare time, she flies from one hobby to another indecisively. Late in Breaking Dawn, her given name becomes an accessory to criminal name-invention, first degree.

Her personality is like Smeyers. It's more than a coincidence that both Renee and Bella are like Smeyer herself.

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