This is a list of links to Twilight fanfic written by antis or fans who have not fallen under the influence of Meyers' koolaid mind control drugs style of writing. Some of these fics are actually serious, while others are just humorous.


Someone should fic Homura meeting the Cullens

But they all have one thing in common: They're infinitely times better than the source material.

List of recommended fanficEdit

  1. Twilight the Rewrite- What the title says
  2. How New Moon Should Have Ended - The humorous version
  3. How Twilight New Moon Should have Ended - The serious version.
  4. The Realistic Version of Breaking Dawn - Bella and Edward realize the truth about their so-called "love".
  5. After Forever - You might actually end up feeling a little sorry for Bella in this one.
  6. Absolutely Nothing Important - A hilarious crossover with Doctor Who.
  7. If Bella Were Sane - What the title says.
  8. One Way Twilight Should Have Gone
  9. Killing Edward Cullen Buffy Style
  10. How Eclipse Should Have Ended
  11. How Breaking Dawn Should Have Ended
  12. How the Twilight Saga Should Have Ended
  13. Epiphany - A crossover with "A Nightmare Before Christmas". Jack and Sally help Bella sort her life out.
  14. Vampire Assassin - How Breaking Dawn should have ended instead of the crappy sappy ending.
  15. The Sad Truth About Twilight
  16. Tough Love - Bella gets her ass kicked. Hard.
  17. The Consequence - The Volturi are actual villains here and deal with Bella like they should have in the first place.
  18. The Wise Man and the Fool - Aro and the Volturi plan their revenge on the Cullens. It's actually a very good plan.
  19. Fallen Angel - Ouch. Just ouch.
  20. The Price of Illusion - Edward eats Bella. The end.
  21. Mama Bear - Esme cracks down on Edward and Alice.
  22. The Wake-up Call - Bella deals with Edward the way any normal human girl would. Like the plague.
  23. The Starvation Games - Hilarious crossover with The Hunger Games.
  24. Prerogative - Bella grows a spine and kicks Alice's ass
  25. Bettelheim - Bella dumps Edward AND Jacob
  26. Satellite Eyes - Crossover with BtVS
  27. Buffy the Sparklepire Slayer - No description needed
  28. Exclusion Zone - Bella's non-speshul human classmates kick her ass
  29. Let the Circle Be Unbroken - Leah kills the mutant hellspawn!
  30. Condemned - Another anti-imprinting story
  31. The Art of Self Deception
  32. Not Always a Happy Ending - Rosalie beats some sense into Bella
  33. Luminosity - If Twilight was a serious thing, and Bella a better protagonist. COMMENT: It's thought that we're a glitch reality and Meyer's Twilight is fanfic, with this being the actual series, and somehow the two have switched.
  34. 101 Ways To Kill Edward Cullen Exactly what the title says. Also has a sequel, 101 More Ways To Kill Edward Cullen
  35. Epiphany - The way sane people react to being kidnapped
  36. Other Bella - Vampire Bella goes back in time to warn her past self about Edward.
  37. No Means No - Sequel to Other Bella. Bella is tired of Edward not listening to her.
  38. Moments of Aftermath - Esme, Emmett and Rosalie beat some sense into Edward and Bella. 
  39. The Wedding Crashers - Mainly the third story, but the other three in the series are worth a gander as well.  
  40. The Twitard War - Do you like big battle scenes? Then this multi-series crossover fanfic is for you!

Feel free to add your own links to this list, as well as any comments

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