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Reasoning With Vampires is an anti-Twilight Tumblr that dissects excerpts from the Twilight series to reveal either their absurdity or poor writing. The excerpts are sequential as the creator, known simply as Dana, makes her way through the books picking out the things that make Twilight and its sequels terrible, terrible books wastes of paper. Although it is updated multiple times daily and was first made in July 2010, as of October 2011 the post are only up to later chapters of New Moon. Yeah, that's how bad Twishite is. Although Chapter-By-Chapter has been done by others, this near line-by-line dissection of what makes Twilight such a fail is unprecedented, and antis everywhere salute Dana for taking on this noble task. It's also really funny, particularly the tags.

All Twilight text is scanned from Dana's physical copy of the book, so yes people, she is for serious.


Although RWV has many admiring readers, Dana occasionally receives hate mail from angry Twitards and Twits in disguise people who totally hate Twilight just as much as anybody, saying that her critique is too harsh and OMG THINK ABOUT STEPHIE'S FEELINGS! These are generally addressed with cool logic (such as "Stephie is a published author and it was her choice to put her work in the public domain, where it is within the rights of all to criticise it as they see fit.") and perhaps pointing out the flaws in their writing if they are particularly infected aggressive. Commenters and rebloggers often add, "I'm sure Stephenie Meyer is reading this right now and is sobbing into her big piles of money."

Most notable postsEdit

One of RVW's most famous posts is Alternatives To Stalking, a list of suggestions in response to Stalkerward's question "What else is there to do at night [besides climb in your window and watch you sleep]?"

It also houses the answer to why Stephylococcus is obsessed with Edward's breath, and coined the names Stephylococcus and Steffaluffagus. It is also notable for using the text to comment on the text, and compilations.

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