Has anyone else noticed the gaping plot holes in Stephenie Meyer's books? I'm guessing yes, which has to be why you're reading this wiki right now. SMeyer not only violated the ACTUAL Quileute tribe (that actually exists outside of sparkleworld Twilight)'s legends and mythology and let's face it; the people themselves, but also decided to come up with completely NEW legends for her made-up tribe. And then violated those as well. And she claims that the books aren't racist at all.

  • In the Quileute legends, the original shapeshifter Meyerwolf went insane with grief when his third wife died, and ran into the woods as a wolf. Technically, if you stop aging when you become a wolf, then Taha Aki should still be alive in the woods to this day. Unless, of course, he ran into something in the woods that killed him, but let's be realistic: What can take down a horse-sized wolf?

    Your typical Meyerwolf

  • The wolves claim that the vampires are their mortal enemies. This can't possibly be true, because they became werewolves shapeshifters Meyerwolves long before they even knew vampires existed.
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