"Quil: My girlfriend and I had a fight. She wanted Legos. I think Legos are too sharp, and so I got her Duplo Blocks. She's not happy." -Dan reads Twilight, Blogging Breaking Dawn

Jacob's wingman. He is in love with a two year old (Pedophilia is okay in Meyerland).

According to him now he has imprinted on Claire he doesn't see other girls faces anymore. There are those who, given this 'fact', believe it was done primarily so that he wouldn't have to see Bella's face anymore(lucky guy); however, most people simply believe it to be creepy, just like the fact that he is in love with a two-year old.

Physical Appearance Edit

Quil is described as having dark skin, black hair, an impish grin, a buzz cut and being tall and burly. As a wolf, he has chocolate brown fur. Not just brown fur, but chocolate brown fur. Typical SMeyer.
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Quil in real life

The Imprinting Edit

Jacob explains that there is currently nothing sexual or romantic about their relationship, and that Quil will be whatever Claire needs him to be for the rest of her life, whether a brother, a protector or a lover BUT imprinting is all about PASSING OVER THE WOLF GENE so Jacob talks of fail, He doesn't feel like dating other girls because he has Claire. When she grows up, well, I feel sorry for her. Don't think about it.

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