During the weekend on April 18th-19th 2009, the second fatality of the Twilight madness occurred. Pudding, an innocent little mouse, was killed as a result of cruel Twitards. Aukie, a member of the TwilightSucks.Com forum, invited all of her female classmates for a sleepover. At said sleepover, a group of Twitards discovered Aukie's copy of and started claiming it to be Bible. Aukie and her friends told the Twitards to stop, which caused the Twitards to get angry. Later, the Twitards found Pudding.


Save the poor, scared animals!

Aukie took Pudding out so the Twitards could pet the lil' mouse. Things were going well until the Twitards began throwing Pudding. Aukie called the Twitards' moms and asked them to pick their batshit insane daughters up. A few hours later, Pudding started acting strange and in the morning, was dead.

This case is, unfortunately, similar to that of Mopsy's. Both were the innocent pets of Antis and were killed because of Twilight. How many more innocent animals will have to die before the bloodshed ends? Please, world, no more deaths! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

In commemoration of Pudding's tragic demise, the Protectorate States of PNU-CTL-NOCCB declared April 19, Death to Twitards day. Acting Grand Chairman Miguel Tolanito then made April 18, Vampires Suck movie day.

R.I.P., Pudding.

You will be missed, just like Mopsy.

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