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Oh look! She sheepsheefted eentu milksheeks!

  • this is meant to make fun of lack of grammer


OMFG! I leek shapeshitters! i wa;nna b 1 !1!1!1!1! "sayed mary elizabeth raven dark'ness barbie plastick (dat waz worst 'spe3lliunh EVEA) @ da pool Mory saw she drue luv Jacobbb! she pugged him & meelted everyon e a ro ung just zo dey culd b Together "xo tweet," he s*asif d bushined earm har. den some1 crushed in2 stooorhy and sadi ";OMfGX wa nmatriuy suees and newwww gra"nlner,l;;!1!!!1!1!111!11111!11111111 popople starred at her leek pea wuz a balian! Den Meary shitted her wiht a rey gunnnj and they leeved capplu bever bafter

joke page it is what a twilight fangirl would write I personally think. [[Category:faniction[djxl]]

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