From the "Fangirl Encounters" board of's forums, there are many cases that make your rebuttal bullshit.

Because books have never influenced history or changed culture. Never. Oh wait....

In fact, you're making your own rebuttal.

65896 BULL


P.S. For you stupider Twihards out there, OMG, lyk, tots YESH!ONE!!1!1!!!

A full on explanation Edit

Twilight promotes all of the parts of an abusive relationship. Thus, Fangirls already believe (sadly) that many creepy and/or abusive acts, such as Eddikins' stalking act, is A-OK and is considered romantic. Any other sane person and those who have been victims of stalking know that this act, one of the many abusive acts in Twilight, is creepy, twisted, creepy, a violation of privacy, did I mention creepy?

See our explanation of abusive acts in the "saga" here.

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