Nightlight characters refers to the characters who appear within the Twilight parody book, Nightlight. Since the book is a parody of the first book the characters there selves are parodies of exaggerated versions of Twilight characters.

Belle Goose Edit

Belle Goose (parody of Bella Swan) is the weird delusional main character of Nightlight. She seems to be obsessed with herself and thinks that any guy who talks to her is instantly in love with her. (So basically a Bella Swan who is self-aware.)

She is described as "pale and klutzy", and instead of Forks, Washington, goes to Switchblade, Oregon to look for adventure (or at least an undead classmate). She then falls in love with a certain Edwart Mullen, whom she must convince of biting her as to transform her into his eternally young bride.

Edwart MullenEdit

Edwart Mullen (parody of Edward Cullen) is the mysterious and sparkly love interest of Belle Goose, and is also a super-hot computer nerd with zero interest in girls. Edwart saves Belle from a flying snowball and doesn't eat his tater tots at lunch, and Belle figures he must be a vampire.

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