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Welcome to the Abyss

My Life Is Twilight, much to the despair chagrin of My Life is Average users, was the Twilight version of My Life Is Average. It was a scary place, filled to the brim with Twihards, Twitards and other losers.

This pitiful site used to be where trolls, mutant zombies Twilight fans could share their obsession over Twilight by talking about how they take Twilight to the extremes, such as girls pouring body glitter over their boyfriend to make him look idiotic like Edward, or girls making out with their dogs beause they reminded the girls of Jacob.

There were also a good deal of brilliant people Harry Potter fans that trolled the site as well, although unfortunately some fell into the "rabid anti" category. They also thought that having the same name as characters and owning a certain amount of posters made their life Twilight (these people have clearly never met a Trekkie or Sonic fan). The name was also not understandable, as Twilight is a proper noun, and I don't see how they could describe their life as anything but an adjective. But, this is Twilight, where proper writing and grammar are non-existent.

This website makes me worry about the future of humanity. Fortunately, it’s dead, so the future of humanity may be bright!


wtf? Seriously, WTF?

If you don't believe our warning, read the following quote:

"Today I dremt my own version of Edward. Average height, green eyes, soft lips, and pale-cold skin. Life would be so much easier if I weren't in love with him, but I can't help it. If, it would be about him cause someday we will be toghether MLIT"

Well that's odd, isn't it...? Please excuse me for a moment while I sob into my copy of the Elements of Style...

"On May 1st i went to Columbus Ohio. Me and my mom and aunt and people we met went to a mall. and we see lifesize Edward and jacob cutouts. of course i got and Edward one. Now i am for sure taking Edward to prom. CANT WAIT! MLIT. = "

To be fair, this is something we'd be pretty damn interested in seeing, too.

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